Asian Mob Takes on a Few Non Asians

Yes, by the way they acted… they lost their minds. Supposedly happened in Boston. We’ll hear more soon.




  1. James
    30 January 13, 4:44pm

    this is news? ………. …..really?

  2. gr critic
    31 January 13, 4:15pm

    man this place is such a waste of time. Come on GR, give us something substantial and interesting to read, that you actually wrote. This is a glorified page of links that you guys are just reposting. ugh.

  3. nopatience
    31 January 13, 8:46pm

    And here come the cavalcade of racist bs after a video like this gets posted. Trolls lamenting how they wish these folks were killed in Hiroshima, can’t drive, etc. If the jerks are from Boston, F that place.

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