Culture Club

Went out last night to find some culture in this town. First went to the Mobile Art container by Chanel in Central a top the old Star Ferry Car Park. The capsule/building is designed by one of my favorite architects, Zaha Hadid.It’s amazing to see how her conceptual work, done back when I was an architecture student, can be a reality today because of new technologies and materials.

Lisa throwing up her gangster affiliation.

The art inside was ok but the capsule itself was amazing, the crazy shapes and the even crazier spaces it created looked cool juxtaposed against the ol’ Hong Kong skyline.

That’s Leo from Chanel. Darth Vader was there too but I was too scared to papparazzi him. I saw what he did to the admiral.

Afterwards Simon Birch and I headed over the Eddie‘s house for a meal with the boys from 24. I had been hearing how good a chef Eddie was but I wasn’t expecting this level of culinary skills. Look at that spread. It’s a seriously professional set up, Jamie Oliver’s got nothing on Eddie!

Seafood Bouillabaise!

Chilled Crab with a vinnegrette dressing!

Baked Chicken with a pesto dressing. Perfection.

The food was so good it turned us all stupid. Look at Conroy and Phat.

In the end it came down to a vote and the crab one best dish of the night. Very impressive Eddie! I will have to return for another sample of your skills1


  1. monchichi
    30 March 08, 10:04am

    Wow!! The crab looks so fantastic. I want a recipe. Ha ha ha…

    Really impressing for a guy to cook such a fantastic meals.. how I wish my hubby has the standard of cooking.He rarely cooks but when he cooks I always praise him.. coz..I feel happy that he put efforts in it. ha ha ha..

  2. Anonymous
    31 March 08, 10:09am

    Looks delicious!
    I love to cook, but gourmet
    takes a lot more time!!

  3. L.L.
    31 March 08, 7:38pm

    Drooling :D… The crab reminds me of the one I had 8 years ago in Shanghai. It was covered with duck egg yolk before deep frying. So good. Sigh…

    Guess Casa de Eddie didn’t forget to bring you guys a bowl of lemon water to wash off the odor from the crab. ;)

  4. Golden Nigz Rong
    01 April 08, 11:30am

    sounds like you had a lot of fun. the pic of conroy eating is funny haha

  5. Anonymous
    01 February 10, 4:32pm

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  6. 16 November 12, 1:06pm

    [...] Daniel Wu visited a mobile container designed by Hadid in a previous post. (Giant Robot – Hadid) [...]

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