Deth P. Sun Art on Pancake Breakfast Ad

Don’t Deth P. Sun’s exhibition that opens this Saturday at Giant Robot 2. These better be great pancakes for $25!



  1. j gold
    23 August 11, 5:30pm

    There will be excellent pancakes, from L.A. restaurants representing the globe – banh xeo, uttapham, okonomiyaki, Shandong-style beef rolls, Polish potato pancakes, Korean bindaeduk, etc., as well as the American kind with blueberries. Free breakfast cocktails too! And proceeds go to the L.A. Food Bank

    Deth P. Sun’s posters are pretty great. I’ve loved his paintings at GR for years.

    • santokki
      24 August 11, 11:18am

      So it’ll be a real international house of pancakes?

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