Haruki Murakami and Shunji Iwai Weigh in on the Territory Dispute

The islands dispute has turned just a moment to Haruki Murakami who wrote an essay about the situation. Basically, from news reports, he’s siding with the logic that the islands are creating a huge conflict in relationships between China and Japan and both sides need to simmer down from their Nationalism and find practical solutions. His books along with other Japanese books are being removed from bookstore shelves in China. (WSJ – Haruki Murakami)

Also, director friend, Shunji Iwai, who is among the most popular Japanese directors in China has been vocal through some past tweets which has gathered a lot of views. They’ve been translated and paraphrased a bit. (@sindyeye)


We need to think of their situation and know how provocative the actions of buying the island appears. Japan seems to forget they started the strategy war.


Over all, the Japanese media is saying too many bad things about their neighboring countries. Children can understand how it’ll feel if someone talks bad about your own grand father or grand mother. There are so many people love Japan and so many Asians visiting Japan.


Because in a time like this, I think people who feel the same should get together and get united to protect the peace.


Japan tried to invade their neighboring countries, and lost the war with the US, but got an exemption. It is understandable for the country who got invaded to be still mad, It is crazy that Japan has forgotten about it. That is my understandings of the history.

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    [...] This is what a small minority of Japanese leaders are asking for. Just to meet halfway. We wrote about Haruki Murakami and Shunji Iwai’s voices about this subject which includes sharing. (Giant Robot) [...]

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