I don’t think this is what the internet is for…

KoreaBang shares a story about a Korean teenager who went nuts, did something horrible and then talked about it online.  He raped a girl, killed her, dismembered her, and posted pics for his friends.

The terrible things that are happening in the world are absolutely exhausting. We’ve got technology to share the things that we do, the news that we hear, and the feelings we have about it all, but where’s the technology to stop horrible things from happening? I’d prefer the kind that doesn’t make us all criminals and track our every move, but maybe that’s asking for too much…

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  1. deanS
    17 July 13, 2:35am

    Sadly many of these things have been going on forever, it can seem like it is worse due to the media overload with the Internet and the way news gets televised. Comparing the coverage of the Bath school bombing 1927 (still the worst school massacre in US history) reporters stayed for about 3 days and left to cover the Lindbergh crossing to today’s 24/7 in you face coverage of any and all news that will help ratings can wear a person down.
    Interestingly it may be better that a criminal shares evidence of their crime, that may seem counterintuitive. But many criminals have been caught this way. There have been many serial killers that had huge photo collections when they were caught and many of those victims have never been identified.
    Some how I don’t think there is any kind of technology that can “prevent” crimes or will be, I’ve had similar discussions with those that believe only more guns or no guns is the only answer. Maybe figuring out the cause may help, but everyone seems to like blaming things the Internet or comics for creating such monsters. But how would that explain similar crimes when such things didnt exist.
    Sorry this rambled a bit, too much gun discussions I guess.

    “In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.”

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