I’m Going to Disneyland… Abandoned “Disney of China” Theme Park Photos

Chenzhuang Village, China, Wonderland sites exposed to the elements. It’s been sitting since 1998 and was photographed by Photographer David Gray from Reuters. (The Atlantic – Wonderland)



  1. Aeonjoey
    14 December 11, 1:13pm

    the article title is a fabrication as much as the park is. This is NOT a Disney park, it has NOTHING to do with Disney whatsoever. It originally was a counterfeit park that lost funding back in 1998, and it is NOT “Disney of China”, which is Disneyland Hong Kong. It is NOT Disney. poor job giantrobot.

    • 14 December 11, 2:14pm

      Yep, we know this. that’s why it says “Disney of China” in quotes.

  2. MRCAB
    14 December 11, 6:17pm

    Knockoff Disneyland. You know they’re building a ‘real’ Disneyland in Shanghai? It’s really odd because Disney can’t build there without a partner, so the Disneyland in Shanghai (assuming it’s the same case in HK) will only half owned by Disney.

    There’s also a “Star City”[I think it's called] in the Philippines that’s a ripoff of Disneyland. Or maybe it was a different one, but anyways, this place has all the Disney characters and everything. LOL

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