Jeremy Lin Watch is On

Jeremy Lin watch is on. It’s happening by Asian Americans everywhere. Like the photos and imagery of people watching games or huge events at a TV shop showroom window, it happening on iPhones, bars, and everywhere. Last night, the Lakers played the Knicks. In LA, everyone’s a Laker fan, but for this one game, Asian Americans routed for just 1 player over their own local heroes.

Below, I watched part of the game through the barred window at a barber shop in Echo Park. The folks inside routed for the Lakers, us Asian Americans outside, it was for Jeremy Lin. One customer emerged and talked about how the Lakers weren’t playing well, oblivious to the fact that we didn’t care.


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  1. mikio4
    13 February 12, 1:47pm

    Went to see the Knicks play my beloved T’Wolves Saturday night. Biggest crowd since 2004; they sold standing room tix for the Wolves! (To put it in context, last year you could have bought tickets for 5 bucks.) Just goes to show ya how quick the word gets out. He is a phenom.

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