Jeremy Lin Cut by Rockets

So much for the Houston Rocket stint. Jeremy Lin gets cut. Will anyone pick up Jeremy Lin? ( – Jeremy Lin)

UPDATE: The NY Knicks picks up Jeremy Lin.


  1. Rich
    06 February 12, 9:40pm

    Yeah, the Knicks. Lin is an animal! I love him. He plays with heart, goes hard, and he’s got a great personality and is actually really good. He’s not a player who plays hard who you like to root for cuz he’s nice. Lin has got some serious talent! Driving to the hoop and passing, he does not look bad at all. I’m so happy he’s a Knick and I hope he continues to have a strong career and that his previous games aren’t just games of the past. Go Jeremy Lin!

  2. 09 February 12, 8:17am

    [...] was a little used reserve player that had stints with the Golden State Warriors, Rockets and National Basketball Development League before finding a spot squarely at the end of the New York [...]

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