Little Asian Breaks Bully’s Leg


A much smaller Asian guy accidentally breaks leg of bully, then he actually tries to help him. He should have taken a few free shots for respect first. Instead, it’s getting blamed for the broken leg and back to being bullied the next day. Or… the bully may have a change of heart and they’ll become friends… yeah right. Either way, he’s either being a gentleman or he’s just trying to kiss up. This needs to get on Bully Beatdown. (Liveleak)



  1. 4led
    31 October 12, 6:47pm

    This is extremely mis-titled. He didn’t even break the guys leg, the bully tripping over snow and broke his own leg.

  2. stokely
    02 November 12, 6:15am

    No, they were grappling and the little guy pushed the big guy back, so…he gets credit for the leg break.

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