Save the Children

Giant Robot may be part of the problem, with Game Nights and our annual Game Over art show, but it looks like video game addiction is getting serious in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post reports on the efforts of social workers, and their plea for financial assistance to help  the “hidden youth” escape the vortex of their computer monitors and walk freely in the sun, under blue skies free of pixels.

“It is most important to engage these youths… We need more funding support. It is rather labour intensive [to reach out to these youths].

“If we just contact them by e-mail, they still sit in front of the computers.”

New tactics must be devised in the war against video game addiction. Please email your suggestions to the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department.

In the wake of Game Developers Conference (GDC) and Wondercon lets all have a moment of silence for the fallen children who are the unwitting victims of the pestilence that is video game addiction.  And let this be a reminder that sometimes it’s a good to step outside and connect with the real world (as long as you can still get wifi).

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  1. deanS
    31 March 13, 10:59pm

    I don’t think Giant Robot’s Game Nights or annual Game Over is necessarily related to the issue of video game addiction. It’s kind of like blaming newspaper deliverers for the hoarders that hoard newspapers.
    I wonder if some video game addiction could be related somehow to the condition they call Hikikomori in Japan, it like a form of acute social withdrawal. Typically in Japan they become like hermits in their homes shutting themselves off from society. It’s becoming more recognized in other counties like Korea and Taiwan. It really seems like a complicated issues that can’t be explained away in simple terms. Its not like there is a specific type of game play or game system that is related to game addition, but the retreat from general society and normal social interaction appear to be one common thread but not necessarily the only one.
    I personally can’t vilify games for the “evil” of video game addiction(see above hoarders comment) for other reasons also, remember Blackberrys referred to as Crackberrys due to business people unable to disconnect? Humans can really become fixated on things to a frighting degree. Also I’ve worked in the gaming industry as a QA tester many years ago and I have found that games no longer seem as enjoyable or want to play them like I used to before I worked with them.
    Not every issue should be looked as merely black and white, it like the concept of becoming more concerned with the symtoms and not treating the illness.

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