Scenes From a Biennale 2

The banner is getting installed, but after finding a few snags in the print out, it’s all getting redone. Damn. So close, but not close enough. It’s a good looking wall.


Eishi Takaoka sculpture. The light was dim, so the photo is too.


Lynn Yamasaki… she made GR Jello. Those are Big Boss Robots in there. Seriously great and they taste great too.


Saelee Oh’s area is coming together. It’s like a dream world.

Scott Wilkowski. What can I say about this man? Did I ever think a Big Boss Robot would be like this? 

That’s Rob Sato documenting his wife, Ako’s installation. It was her birthday today. She spent much of it working on her piece.

Albert Reyes is doing something somewhat unprecedented at JANM, and elsewhere. It’s his “haunted maze”. The funniest part is that he said the Japanese American Concentration Camp barrack on the second floor is much spookier.


That’s Clement. All day long people are asking, “Where’s Clement?”


Sean Chao’s pieces are looking good. The man is amazing. He showed up, dropped off stuff, and the next thing he does is leave. Then he came back and said, “I’m tired” and left. He’s been working on his pieces.

Masakatsu Sashie’s installation and painting. I had to find a desk, a chair and a lamp. It all matches well. 



That’s Lynn and Mae playing with Zach Gage’s, “Thoughts” installation. They were into it.


Mr Luke Rook

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