Shohei Otani Throws 99 mph Pitch in High School Game


Shohei Otani throws 99mph in a high school game. Scouts, get over there. Now. The kid has a nice motion and is throwing fire.


  1. 11 October 12, 7:31pm

    [...] Right. So there’s that. Anyway, who is this kid? Well, here he is throwing 99 MPH in a high school game this past July, thanks to the wonderfully named ““: [...]

  2. 24 October 12, 1:30pm

    [...] (NY Times – Shohei Otani) We’ve written about him in brief with a Youtube video here.┬áThe kid can [...]

  3. 12 August 13, 12:36pm

    [...] after he was videotaped throwing a 99-mph pitch during a high school game. Take a look at the video. Otani is still yet to decide whether he wants to play professionally in his home country for [...]

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