The 1980s Future Is Now: K-Pop Holographic Concert Theatres Coming Soon

Although it’s challenging to say that anything at Coachella could be considered ground breaking (especially considering this year’s lineups of reunions vs. new discoveries) it seems that  Hologram Tupac may have led the way for the future of K-pop.

The Korea Times reports that SM Entertainment, home to some of today’s most popular idol groups, are seriously considering investing in holographic theatres that would offer “concerts” of their top acts. As their story points out, they had  to use a hologram Tupac at Coachella, because he’s DEAD.

According to The Korea Times, SM Entertainment  has been wanting to do this for a while, and after they pulled off a successful holographic  Girls Generation concert, their passion for 1980s futurism was re-ignited.

Just imagine how AWESOME it would be to be able to pay to go to a holographic concert, watch the whole thing through your Galaxy s3 screen (wriggling through the crowd of people in front of you with their giant phones blocking your view) while you record the show to post on your tumblr on the subway ride back home to your parents house.

The future is bright for groups like Girls Generation and steady hitter, BoA. At least they get to have boyfriends and be “themselves” in real life, unlike their J-pop counterparts, AKB48.  GR Familia, Anne Ishii wrote a brilliant piece about the weirdness of AKB48′s idol reality.

It’s like K-pop is Jem and the Holograms, and J-pop is the Misfits – seriously, like with the evil manager, and the orphanage, and the holograms, and the Misfits always having hard times but better outfits… Everything we thought was only a cartoon futuristic techno fantasy is our now.




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  1. DeanS
    07 February 13, 5:37am

    Really “K-pop is Jem and the Holograms, and J-pop is the Misfits”? Now I’m no fan of K-pop or J-pop for that matter(I’m more of a Ska and Classical fan) but if your going to point out J-pops issues and ignore K-pops issues isn’t that just showing bias? I starting to think you really don’t like Japan?

    What about the so called slave contracts? You mention Girls Generation, isn’t Yoona signed to a 13 year contract? Contracts 7years and 13 years seem to be fairly common.
    How about being overworked by your managers? Like when Sunny(Lee Soon-kyu) collapsed during a concert in Saitama and sent to a hospital? She recovered in time to rejoin the group before the show’s encore. And her statement-
    “I am not the only one feeling unwell and yet I left halfway [through the concert]. I am so sorry,” said Lee tearfully.”
    And the other members that felt unwell at the start of their concert tour in Japan, group member Sooyoung reportedly ran a high fever, while Jessica lost her voice during a performance on Saturday.
    Of course the firm that manages them gave a statement that this will not “this incident will not affect her future performances”
    Fans apparently weren’t happy with the seeming neglect of their group.

    Then there’s the Wonder Girls the group was housed illegally in the Manhattan offices of their management company JYPE and they had not been given health insurance coverage during their time stateside. Then one of the members had to perform in China right after her father was rushed to the hospital in a coma. BTW their contract is for 7 years.

    How about dating 2NE1 are contractually not allowed to have boyfriends? Ironic since their image is supposed to be about independence and feminine strength.

    Which brings us to the sex part, have you heard of the Open World Entertainment sex abuse scandal? Open World Entertainment’s CEO, Jang Seok-woo, was arrested last week on suspicion not only of sexually abusing female trainees, but of coercing male idols signed to his agency to do so as well. As this scandal was unfolding this an anonymous interviewee once witnessed a company CEO abusing a sixth grader and that the same sexually abusive behavior can probably be found in 8 out of 10 agencies.
    Or how about homophobia in K-pop? This piece may not be “brilliant” but it is interesting

    Look I’m not going to saying the people in glass houses thing, but I am saying don’t look at Japan and Korea with Japan hating blinders on. K-pop has a dark side to it also and to just ignore it until something like a K-pop version of Jang Ja-yeon suicide happens is just wrong(granted the Open World Entertainment scandal is still on going).

    On the brightside maybe Kpop groups like Girls Generation can catch up on some rest if their holographic concerts get really popular, as long as they aren’t overworked recording them. Granted since Tupac was dead when his holo concert was made, maybe slave contracts can made to last forever and Girls Generation can be worked to death and still make money. At least Hatsune Miku wasn’t alive to begin with.

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