Tracy McGrady to Qingdao Eagles in China

Goodbye NBA, hello¬†Qingdao Eagles in China. Tracy McGrady was an all star level player who teamed up with Yao Ming on the Houston Rockets. Next year, he won’t be in the NBA. He’ll be in China. Largely a non factor these days in the NBA, this transition is both a chance to be a huge star and still play basketball in the world’s largest market. (TMac)

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  1. Praim Persaud
    21 November 12, 10:49am

    This is the best thing he could have done for HIMSELF. Playing with team that have players who cant touch his skills levels and he warms the bench – what a crock.

    he showed numerous times – once he played over 15 mins and consistently – that he made a difference – yet it made no diff to these coaches.

    Well he is alread showing to all the Doubthers and disbelievers – that TMac IS BACK and is BACK BIG TIME – and he CAN STILL FLY & DUNK.

    To me he is still the best the modern NBA had – hands down and he is the MOST EXCITING player that i will give up my time to watch.

    Way to go Tracy we love you and you will be back – and very very strong.

    I am one of you sincere / dedicated and DIE HARD Fan – hang in there.


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