Unknown Asian Actress Sues Amazon IMDB for Revealing Age

Who is the Asian actress from Texas who is suing Amazon IMDB (yes IMDB is owned by Amazon) for revealing her age? Probably near 40, is mad, is from Texas. Her profile began in 2003, so there’s a few clues. The woman pixelated above is not her, but if the plaintiff wins, she’ll get a cool million.


  1. 18 October 11, 10:31pm

    Shocking that she’s only seeking $1million. SCOTUS has already held that a person’s identity is their own personal, private, most intimate property “worth more than any other thing that can ever be owned”. Last I checked, Apple Inc, Exxon Inc, the Saudi Investment Fund were all worth a few zeros more than a million. Maybe it’s a typo as it is more reasonably valued at a Trillion or more in U.S. law.

    It’s also still illegal in the U.S. (arising in English Common Law – maybe still applicable in numerous other English Common Law jurisdictions) just to ask a woman her age. Geez, it used to be that you couldn’t graduate high school without taking a law class and learning the crimes it is to ask a woman her age (U.S.).

    It just seems ridiculous that IMDb/Amazon would indulge in such flagrant criminal activities with such high civil liabilities. Just goes to show how entitled big businesses feels to take and misuse the private property of the average and little people.

    Hopefully Jane Doe, or her lawyers, will correct that filing and go after the Trillion or more that it’s worth. In fact, they should probably go after IMDb/Amazon under RICO which, with triple damages, means something potentially worth well over $3 Trillion to Ms. Doe. Still not really enough for the commission of such vile acts against her, though.

    • jb
      10 January 12, 1:45pm

      I have to wonder what JaneD is smokin’… it is not illegal to ask anyone their age. It can lead to trouble in the context of employment law, if there is substantial other evidence of age discrimination. But it is not illegal, per se. Particularly under the common law (age discrimination is a creature of civil code/statutory law, not common law).

  2. Jerrold
    19 October 11, 1:30pm

    Reminds me of the lady suing over the Drive trailer. She deserves zero dollars for this. Judges need to throw these frivolous cases out onto the curb or we will have to keep paying for this nonsense.

    There are plenty of happily working 40+ actresses in Hollywood. Get some perspective and stop being so shallow and insecure Unknown Asian Actress.

  3. Nick
    20 October 11, 4:52am

    I see Teli Tequila has had her page removed from IMDB !!!!

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