USPS Little Saigon’s Raymond Tran

I can’t tell you anything about Raymond Tran, but this article is rad. He’s almost a local hero who’s just the main man at the Post Office is Little Saigon. You can practically make a film about this guy and how he handles his job. His PO is at Bolsa and he runs it like it’s a cafe. More places need to think micro instead of macro, don’t you think? (LA Times – Raymond Tran)

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  1. 13 November 12, 12:00pm

    [...] That’s Tri Ta, who came to the US at 19 in 1992 is the first Vietnamese American Mayor of Little Saigon. He’ll be inundated with work and he’ll be held to a high standard. He’s also a young guy. (LA Times – Tri Ta) There also seems to be some rich stories about Little Saigon that are starting to trickle into media. Maybe it’s the Small Town, USA vibe, but keep them coming! We re posted one earlier about the local mail man who serves almost as a Mayor as well. (GR – Raymond Tran) [...]

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