West LA Obon Photos

Images from West LA Obon. I’ve wanted to attend this for the last decade, but it unfortunately always took place the same weekend as Comic Con. This year, Comic Con moved up a couple of weeks making my attendance possible. My goal has always been to shoot the photo that captures the event. A single image. I didn’t quite get it, but it’s somewhat close to what I’ve been picturing. We also had the Theo Ellsworth exhibition at the same time. Maybe we’ll make this an annual event.

Chili rice with weiner.


Rad exhibitions. Bonsai are always cool. I like the white paper in the backgrounds.

Cousin Jason who mans the Teriyaki Chicken booth every year. I think this is the best thing there.


Richard Horrito, my JHS friend. 


  1. Gayle
    03 August 12, 10:09am

    What’s a doughball? Is that like an andagi?

    • 03 August 12, 10:26am

      Basically it’s gambling. Choose a number and color, the basketball rolls around on top of painted cups, and where it lands, corresponds to a number on the table. If you had placed a bet there, then you win.

    • Joyce
      03 August 12, 4:11pm

      It’s a game of chance featuring a rolling basketball and a grid of different colored cans. Whichever color can the ball comes to a rest on determines who wins how much. My friend tripled her bet of $1 the first time she played.

  2. hahna
    13 July 13, 8:00am

    lived on corinth ave for 5 years. these pictures make me feel so sad to be so far away. thanks for taking them and sharing them!

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