Nintendo Rhythm Heaven Fever Event Photos

GR’s co-presented Rhythm Heaven Fever event took place last night.

Play the game, experience the fever and enjoy. It’s simple to have a video game, but it’s hard to create a movement around it. Rhythm Heaven Fever is one of those games that can grow a cult ala Katamari and Parappa. It’s a cute game, rhythmic, and released originally in Japan and the hardcore fans came out to iam8bit space in Echo Park to play. We saw quite a few GR “Game Night” faces including the first few in line. Here’s a set of photos from the evening. Free T shirts, photo booths, Portos food, drinks, live painting by Yoskay Yamamoto and Mari Inukai and more. Visits by artists throughout the night included Kent Williams, Audrey Kawasaki, Luke Chueh, Carlos Ramos, Korin Faught and even more. Yes, it was a cross over type of night – which usually are the best.


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  1. 09 March 12, 2:31pm

    Hi, I’m a brazilian Graphic Designer and I have a question: what’s the name of the character painted with an airplane?
    This one here:

    Thanks and congratulations, the website is very cool ;)

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