Post It Show 9 Reception Photos

Post It Show 9

The exhibition and sale continues into year 9. The artist list grew as did the quantity of Post It Art and the comment I’ve heard more than once is that the show is better than ever. It’s the same process every year of inviting folks, then finding a way to hang the 2600+ pieces, and then administering the folks who visit. This year, 100 people were in line when the door opened at 6pm. It was another great evening of artist friends and more passing through.

This photo has a lot of great pieces.

Much of the night looked like this. We let in the rest of the crowd at around 9:15pm.

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  1. 31 December 13, 9:42am

    [...] 12 Post It Show 9 – Again, it’s the 9th time, but it’s getting better and stronger. The last two have been powerful and from 8 to 9 was yet another level of growth. Imagine, 5 people slept overnight in the cold and rain and by opening at 6pm, exactly 100 people were in line. (Post It Show 9) [...]

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