Podcast: Sexy Quirky Love with Leonardo Nam

Yes, I’m Leonardo Nam’s sidekick in this conversation about relationships. Here’s the spiel: Sexy Quirky Love is a podcast about relationships. Topics: Pick Up Lines and their importance. Q and As – we answer Questions and Answers from you! Cell phones, Role Playing and more. The idea to do this podcast came out of our original podcast, which was meant to be a simple interview, but the relationship talk became the most interesting segment and knowing that Leo gives dating advice to his friends, the idea of a podcast came out of it.

We’ll be recording again soon so tweet a topic. Tweet @leonardo_nam or leave a comment here! I’m always @giantroboteric Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Sina
    13 September 11, 3:17pm

    Hi, i have a question about this topic. You talked about pick up lines and i’m just wondering: if someone want to find a girlfriend and be in a relationship, does he intend to find “mrs right” at the bar or is his only intention to have sex that night? I mean, if that person is so good looking, doesn’t that mean that you’d like to date her?

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