Tokyo bits

Hara Museum is Shinagawa is a pretty cool spot. It’s a small museum that has changing exhibitions, but also has a permanent room by Yoshitomo Nara. I couldn’t take a photo of it. I think it was the only room that had a videocamera watching. The above image was in a room by some french artist. Yeah, it’s like a bathroom or something, but it’s also like TRON!

Akihabara – retro game hunting. There’s a reason for it.
Junk at Akihabara. Japanese junk looks cool. You really don’t know what you’re going to get.
That’s the sculpture Garden at Hara Museum. Next to Kohei’s face is a vertical piece of metal which is an Isamu Noguchi piece.
Tai Yaki and they don’t even cut out the extra parts

Too many toy figures. They’re everywhere.
retro games at Super Potato. You’d think this spot is the best, and it’s quite great, but in the end, it’s the most expensive too.
Ice cream in a baguette, yes it totally works.
That’s Taro Goto on the right. He used to be part of the SF Asian Film Festival. He led us to an Okinawan spot in Shibuya. Super great.
Sadatoshi shows off ice cream.


  1. Goomie
    19 April 10, 6:25pm

    The taiyaki looks awesome! Your food pics always makes me hungry…

  2. robocon
    20 April 10, 12:37am

    It's not the best pic but I squeezed a couple shots off in the Nara workspace.

    I liked how the museum was in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Was it someone's house before it became a museum?

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