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Walking around downtown Chicago, I couldn’t help but notice this theater. I’m not offended or anything like that, if anything, I’m a bit nostalgic since I know this was created in an era when Oriental was a word, when Oriental could have been a rug, and if you look at the top of the sign, it looks like a genie’s hat or a Taj Mahal. Ford makes it way at the bottom of the sign as well, which looks unfitting. I wonder, why does the McDonald’s have a green “L”?

At the UIC men’s bathroom, I saw this sign again. I’ve blogged it once before. But this one had some additional lines added in implying, put finger in butt, and you get bacon. It makes strange sense, but it’s creative.

This was in NYC. I’ve seen this before, but it’s funny to see a tag added to the “street art”. I guess I like street art when it’s neat like this. 

Remember Ming Tran? Vegan Supreme Marshmallows? The song by Gob, Hookups ads, or the video below?  She’s in NY and might be piloting a plane you travel in. Yes, she flies now.


  1. DMei4
    26 April 08, 8:59am

    There are several of those hand dryers on campus.

  2. Anonymous
    26 April 08, 11:46am

    The green “L” in the McDonalds might be for the green line “El” train that runs right by there…

  3. ming
    26 April 08, 8:51pm

    how’d u find that crazy footage? that’s funny. was cool seein ya in NYC!

  4. joetron2030
    28 April 08, 8:07am

    She’s a pilot now? That’s pretty rad!

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