Yaba Daba

This is a story run about YABA in the Nikkan Sun newspaper. I’m in the photo in the left in the middle. But what does it say?


  1. Kitaro
    31 January 07, 3:18pm

    the little caption to the right of the picture says Japan Renaissance… and then lists off who was in the panel. you’re エリック ナカムラ。it’s odd that they didn’t use kanji for your last name though.

  2. gr
    01 February 07, 9:47am

    No respect for the american! thanks.

  3. uronuron
    02 February 07, 1:04am

    The conference “Japan Renaissance” was performed sponsored by JABA in a corn hall on 26th.

    The panel discussion that titled “Japanese entertainment in Hollywood” was performed from afternoon.

    The chairwoman Miss. Schuyler Moore introduced four panelists from the entertainment industry.
    (Eric is introduced that Mr. Nakamura Eric(Giant robot) tells an Asian pop culture to U.S.A.)

    And they introduced their own activities.

    They discussed that the way of approach to an American market is different because the properties of each culture are different despite they are from the same industry.

    Miss. Moore asked “What is a creed when you bring Japanese culture in U.S.A?”
    Eric answered, “Just selling the thing which I was interesting in”, this answer seemed to be a subculture stance.

    I summarized and translated it only the thing which was written about you.

    I’m sorry if some nuances are different because I am not a native English speaker.

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