Thrash Lab X Giant Robot Profiles Video : Edwin Ushiro



It was fun shooting Edwin Ushiro who is equally entertaining. His interview reveals that his recent work is about small regrets from his past. From Elementary, middle and high school in Hawaii. He makes it perfect in his art. The interview took place at his home studio in Culver City.

Thanks to Thrash Lab for this fourth video of the six. Thanks to Goh Nakamura for the music, Anthony Batt for the vision, Ashton Kutcher for the channel and tripod, Thrash Lab staff for the Post, Tony Sugano for the extra hand and Edwin for the interview.


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Thrash Lab Profiles x Giant Robot Artist Series Videos

We’re partnering up with Thrash Lab and set up a series of Artist Profiles.

Thrash lab link.

They’ll appear at 9:30am PT – First one is tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 5th – Rob Sato

Tuesday, March 12th – Luke Chueh

Tuesday March 26th – Sean Chao

Tuesday, April 2nd – Edwin Ushiro

Tuesday, April 9th – David Horvath

Tuesday, April 16th – Shizu Saldamando

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Adrian Tomine’s New Yorker Cover

“Where I was in Brooklyn, I don’t think I would have even known that there was a major storm happening,” says Adrian Tomine, the artist of next week’s cover, “Undeterred.” He continues:

So I spent the whole night glued to the Internet and watching everything unfolding, just being shocked that this kind of dramatic destruction was happening just miles outside my home. And I started thinking about how it would affect the election. This is a first for me in terms of doing [a cover] that’s topical with a quick turnaround; and somehow, these two significant events just came together into that one image for me.

Tomine adds:

For all its really horrible effects, I feel like the storm has made real a lot of issues in the election that were hypothetical, that were thrown around as debate topics—global warming; and “Is Obama enough of a leader to handle a natural disaster?”; and do we need FEMA? It’s really interesting, and in a way useful, to see a lot of these things become actual issues that are right at hand.

Read more

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Jimmy Mirikitani Subject of “Cats of Mirikitani” 1920-2012

Jimmy Mirikitani, the subject of Linda Hattendorf’s great documentary, “Cats of Mirikitani” has passed away. The documentary brought to light numerous issues, from homelessness, mental health, Concentration Camps and 9/11. All of which affected the artist. Watch the doc if you get a chance. It’s worth seeing. (Nikkeiview – Mirikitani)


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Gary Taxali Coins by the Canadian Mint

Gary Taxali coin?! Yes it’s real from the Canadian Mint. When do artists get to far as designing their own money? In Canada! You can get Gary Taxali’s coin here.

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NY Times: Barry McGee

NY Times Profile in Style, Mr Barry McGee. One of the greatest ever. Proud to say, I’ve been in that casa. (NY Times – Barry McGee)

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Artist Friend Series: Jeni Yang

Since the exhibition is this saturday, we thought we’d show you the Jeni Yang Artist Friend Series Film from a year ago.


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Zhang Xiaogang China’s Priciest Artist

Zhang Xiaogang’s health hasn’t been at it’s peark. It seems like it’s stress, but at 54 and selling works at 10 million dollars, he’s become one of the priciest artists today. The WSJ covers him extensively. (WSJ – Zhang Xiaogang)

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Luke Chueh Giant Robot Signing Photos

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Luke Chueh Signing + Talk Video


Luke Chueh speaks, shows slides, and answers questions for nearly an hour at Giant Robot on Sunday June 24th, 2012. You might have to turn the volume up to hear. The live stream was set up last minute!



Video streaming by Ustream

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Luke Chueh Talk + Book Signing + Print Release: Get Yours Signed!

Luke Chueh’s Swarm Print release. Reserve yours now. Edition 50, signed + numbered.


The Luke Chueh hardcover book. We’ll get it signed for you if you order by Sunday at 10am. PST.

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Get Your “Art of Luke Chueh” Book Signed

Can’t make it? Its ok!

We’re having Luke Chueh in store Saturday June 24th at Giant Robot. Deadline to Order June 24th 10AM.

We can have him custom sign your copy! (Giant Robot – Luke Chueh)


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Ai Weiwei Can’t Webcast Himself

While he’s being watched by the government for making art and statements contrary to them, he set up webcams and broadcasted his life, to be as transparent as possible, but that got shut down. He can’t win, especially when he’s constantly mocking his government’s authority and making art out of it. As innocent as it all sounds, he knows what’s up. (VOA News – Ai Weiwei)


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LA Weekly – Paul Robertson Interview

Thanks to Liz Ohanesian for the support of GR2. Read it at the link. (LA Weekly – Paul Robertson)

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GR2: Artist Talk at 3pm.

Yes, and Albert Reyes will be in the house.


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GR2 Feb 19th 3pm Sunday Artist Talk


Ai Weiwei getting Donations to pay down the $2.4M Tax Bill.

It’s amazing how crowd sourcing can help. $840,000 so far and he turned down $157k from a single person. I hope the crowds will continue to help him and the many others out there including us. Ai Weiwei has become a symbol for artists and freedom. It was just a few years ago that he spoke on campuses and was as approachable as anyone else. (NY Times – Ai Weiwei)

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Dead Ai Weiwei Art

Chinese artist He Xiangyu’s “The Death of Marat”. It’s Ai Weiwei. Some passers in a German Gallery thought it was real and alerted police. The government might wish it to be true, but this man is alive and talking.

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James Jean Lotus War Pyramid Print

James Jean Lotus War Pyramid Print. Edition of 555. $40! A lower price point for the fans. A beautiful print at a great price. From James Jean: “Lotus War Pyramid features all of the characters I’ve created for the Lotus War Series.” (James Jean – Lotus War Pyramid)



Sometimes, it’s good to see it in a another setting.


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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Rob Sato

Rob Sato is originally from Sacramento but now calls Echo Park is home. He showed at the Giant Robot Biennale 2 in 2009 and will show again in the Biennale part 3 in 2012. A long time supporter of Giant Robot, the fast witted Sato has an interesting sense of humor and a distinctive laugh. His art speaks of his hard work and attention to detail. You can see his work on the cover of Giant Robot 62, and we do carry some of his other handiworks at Giant Robot.



But there’s more. Sato isn’t a great self promoter, but he does stock a number of his prints which are available at his site.

There are also further selections at:

“The Choice Cut Cult”, the occult sushi menu print for sale at NUCLEUS GALLERY
“Land Admiral Lefebvre’s Fleet…” (below) print from TRAPEZE EDITIONS


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