Cross (APIA Short Film) Crowd Funding


The boxing film genre is a time-honored staple of American cinema. There’s something about the agony and triumph in this particular sports genre that taps into the heart of the American spirit. Despite this, boxing films starring Asian or Pacific Islander Americans actors are virtually non-existent.

Dir. Gerry Maravilla wants to change that. He’s commenced a crowd funding campaign for his upcoming short film, Cross, on the Seed and Spark platform. Cross portrays the life of a Filipino American (Jason S. Mordeno) as he struggles to pay his mother’s ever accumulating medical expenses. With his family and dreams of becoming a professional fighter on the line, he ventures into the lawless underbelly of San Fernando’s Valley’s backyard boxing.

Maravilla is a San Fernando Valley native and Giant Robot previously featured his music videos on its website. He agrees with the long held grievance that Asian and Pacific Islander Americans are underrepresented in the media and hopes his short film will serve as stepping stone towards more progress on this frontier.

Other cast and crew include B. Rich Adams as executive producer; Melanie DiPietro and Leo Oliva as producers; and Caitlin Kelly as the script supervisor.

Although the script and production plans are already completed, its crowd funding is still far from finished. As of August 8th, its goal of $15,000 is still 40% complete.

But there’s still time!

You can donate here on the film’s Seed and Spark page. Television and radio personality Manny Streetz of 102.7 KISS-FM has thrown his support behind the project. More recently, Actress Bai Ling (The Crow, Crank: High Voltage) lent her support for Cross.

Cross in this rendition is a short film being prepared to shown to financiers and investors. Upon its completion, its producers will submit to film festivals across the country before it reaches online distribution. Backers who support the film at a certain level will receive the added benefit of a digital copy and/or a private streaming video. Once its festival circuit has completed, it will be readily available for anyone and everyone on Seed and Spark’s webpage. The finished product will be used to pitch and acquire further financing towards a feature length film. Hurry up and donate to cinematic history in the making!


For more information about Cross follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their Seed and Spark page.

You can follow Gerry Maravilla and Jason S. Mordeno on Twitter through @gerrymaravilla and @j_sm__. Their Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign ends on August 17th, 2014.

You can also meet Maravilla and Mordeno at a meeting for “#WeOwnThe8Th,” a communal gathering for Asian American Pacific Islander artists and entrepreneurs and other like-minded individuals. It’s open to all those who wish to attend. (It’s a potluck, so feel free to bring food or drinks to share with other attendees).


The Address is:

#WeOwnThe8th Meeting

Friday, August 8th at 7:00 PM

The Great Company

1917 Bay St., Los Angeles, CA

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Massive Asian Ready to Hit the Beach

Another quote book in the making. This guy is massive. “Check on the tone” “100 gills on the beach.”

What are gills anyway?

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On Radio – Is it Hip to Be Asian?

KPCC brought up the topic and Angryasianman Phil Yu and I “appeared” on radio to talk about it.

The title went one way, the talk went kind of in another direction, as a lot of conversation revolved around stereotypes and the myths and or breaking of them. Yet, why would one think it’s “hip to be Asian?” 15 minutes or so won’t cover it, yet it’s a conversational topic that’ll be brought up when ever a hit single, TV show or Asian themed current event hits the air. (KPCC – Hip to Be Asian).

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Make Me Asian App

We missed this one. But there’s a Google App called Make Me Asian and guess what? You can become one. Is this a problem? Perhaps, since being Asian can mean wearing a rice picker hat. What does, “Make Me Black” or “Make me African” do? Is there an app like that? If not, why not? Why is it ok for an Asian one? (ABC15 – Make Me Asian)

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Anime Expo Cosplay Photo Set 1 – Oscar Rios


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Food, the New Sneaker

The coolest trends or should we say fads are often are born, if not, then bred by Asians or Asian Americans. Streetwear, sneakers, fixies, the boutique shop and food are just some of them. In a the day when a new generation matures, somewhat away from the internet boom of the early 2000s, it’s a look back into craft and working with your hands. Yet, all of a sudden, food has stepped up as being some kind of important thing to line up for. Really? Is it? Can the kids of today hybrid food enough to make it something that you need to line for? Is it better than our own parents or is it just derivative of it? Is it just heavy sauces and cheap fat or bacon that’s making everyone happy? Although article after article will make stars out of new young chefs, we’ll see how soon it passes once every possible hybrid gets made. The market will continue to flood and we’re already seeing less food trucks. Like all things, a few strong will continue to innovate and many will fall. After people realize that although the experience was great at the time, it all just ends up in a toilet. Sneakers? They get worn down. Fixies need brakes. Boutique shops battle the internet. It’s a cycle. (Time - Food)

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Largest Group of New Arrivals in the US: Asians

36 percent are Asian, 31 percent are Latino. A decade ago, 19% were Asian and 59% Hispanic. That’s all you need to know… (CNN – Immigrants)

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The Media Loves Cosplay

Cosplay still dazzles in the media. It’s no more interesting than Halloween for the most part. It’s people in costumes, but the media swallows it up because of the imagery, looniness and straight up: cute Asian girls. Have you seen an article about cosplay that includes no photos? It’s not the showing of the skin, it’s just the one ups man ship of the costumes. It’s not important who they’re dressing up as from the viewpoint of the readers of such articles. It’s the fascination with Asia and pop culture. Yes, cosplay is fun to peep at. Even the bad, obese or cross dressers are fun to witness. This article does tell a bit about Taiwan which is lesser known but as fanatic for cosplay. (WSJ – Inside Cosplay)

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Marion Barry Says Oops

It really could be a tiny bit out of context. Yes, Asian shops can be dirty, but so are plenty of others. Yet, he singled out Asians. That bastard. He also said:

“A number of these restaurants serve high caloric food, bad food, et cetera, but the more important thing, they don’t participate in the community…That’s what I object to, I don’t care who it is.” (Politco – Marion)

Doesn’t serving food and people showing up to eat it serve a community?


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Asian Suspect in Oakland School Shooting Leaves 7 Dead

It has happened again. An Asian suspect in a school shooting it’s breaking news. It’s at Oikos University, located at 7850 Edgewater — near the Oakland International Airport. (KTVU – Asian shooter)

Update: Possible Shooter in custody. (LA Times)

Update 2: 1:09pm multiple sources confirm that the shooter is in custody…

Yes, yet another Asian or Asian American involved in a school shooting. The tragedy of this type of violence continues. It’s an epidemic of sorts and although you can’t always prevent them, there’s a problem in Asian America that’s not being handled right.

Update 3: 6 dead…

Update 4: 7 Dead… the shooter is named One Goh Ko. (One L. Gon or Goh seems to be correct) Name sounds odd and fishy so we’ll see. (KTVU – One Goh Ko)

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Jellyfish Hunting in Georgia

Asians have eaten jellyfish as an ingredient for ages, but for Georgian fisherman, this is a huge crop. It’s technically not an animal, according to some vegans since they have no nervous system. They’re like floating plants, but the word “fish” persists which keeps many away. It has a crunch, a flavor that tastes simple yet offers a strange experience. Add soy sauce, it’ll taste like soy sauce. After you get over it, it becomes a staple. No big deal, but gladly it’s an alternative food source. (VOA news – Jellyfish)

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In 50 Million Years, Asian Countries Will Collide!

We’re all going to die by then anyway. Imagine, countries colliding.


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2 Months to Live – Help Janet

Are you her match? Are you Asian with bone marrow? Yes you are. See Janet Liang’s site. She’s 23 and could use your help. She has two months to live and needs a match. Yes, it’s a shot in the dark, but worth the shot. (

About Janet: “She has a passion for education. She dedicated her life to filling holes in the system and it impresses me that she continued to go to work for this cause and go to grad school even though she knew that she might not be in the best health later on.” – Dana Heatherton

Register below:



Asian Attacked in Chicago

This kid takes insane abuse from these teens who use the N word all too liberally for a bunch of middle class looking kids. There’s a lot of descriptions of who these kids are (most deleted their Facebooks). Who knows what will get done. Aside from the abuse he takes, these idiots are weak. They try a bunch of chokes to no avail… good thing.



$172,000 Violin Found

It’s not priceless like it says, but why did I think the person who lost it was Asian? Muchen Hsieh left her violin on a bus ride. The cool thing? The cleaning crew found it and reported they found it. The question is would the finder have turned it in if they knew it was worth $172,000? The violin was made by Vincenzo Jorio in Naples from 1835 and on loan for a Taiwan Conservatory. Either way, I’m glad she got it back, but the news story went so far as to cover the violin player (who unfortunately gets massive double chin with the fiddle under her neck) but didn’t bother getting a peep out of the finder. That may have been telling and great. The thought process: Asian girl who attends a high end music school… yes. Cleaning crew member… no. Merry Christmas.

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Unknown Asian Actress Sues Amazon IMDB for Revealing Age

Who is the Asian actress from Texas who is suing Amazon IMDB (yes IMDB is owned by Amazon) for revealing her age? Probably near 40, is mad, is from Texas. Her profile began in 2003, so there’s a few clues. The woman pixelated above is not her, but if the plaintiff wins, she’ll get a cool million.


Best 100 Asian Universities

Where did you go to school, if at all? Where did it rank? Does it matter what’s at the top? It’s Hong Kong U of Science and Technology. Yes, don’t say you knew this. Number two? It’s neighbor University of Hong Kong. Best 100 Asian Universities. (US News – Best in Asia) If you’re down to know, here’s the best 400 in the world. (US News – Top 400)

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Freddie Mercury Proud of his Asian Roots

Finally, an article that talks about Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury’s ethnicity. Yes, he was Persian, but Indian, and Asian. His father was born in India and he grew up with Indian music, but bottom line, it did factor into his life. He was proud of it, and now his family will receive an award on his behalf, The Asian Awards in London. You seldom hear about it or read about this side of him, but it’s loud in this article. (Telegraph UK – Freddie Asian)

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Isabelle Huppert Teamed by Asians

Oops. Since Isabelle Huppert is teaming up with Asian directors, and it doesn’t matter who… Filipino, Korean, name it, it’s all about Asia because it’s hot! It’s fair to say, who cares who she is at the same time. Nice Red Dress though and as what a great pose! C’mon CBS News and C’mon Huppert!


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Asian Americans in Baseball

Asian American baseball players. Here’s part one of two. It’s not the longest list, but it’s only getting better. This is a 2000-2005 version which is missing one of our favorite players, the 420 loving long haired pitcher for the SF Giants. It’s also not complete, but that’s fine, This list has plenty of players we’d have never thought of or heard of. Some don’t have the best stories after their names or if you look at the stats, but that’s often the plight of Asian Americans in sports – it’s feast or famine. (Asianweek – Asian Americans in Baseball)

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