Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

An unlikely pair, or maybe most likely. The game? Who cares, but it somehow ended at 110-110. Of course both teams had North Korean players on it along with some Americans, so of course North Korea can’t beat North Korea. All are the greatest.

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Jeremy Lin Meets and Beats the Knicks

The most watched player by Asian Americans is still Jeremy Lin. The season is long and sometimes we forget about the guy, yet he’s trucking along and played well against his old team. He was a hero last year, this year, he’s quickly becoming status quo which is a great. Why not an Asian American playing well in the NBA? 22pts 8 assists.



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Jenny Hyun, the Linsane: Part Deux

Linsanity may have died down, but one fan still remembers. Earlier this year we wrote about the song writer for K-Pop groups Girl’s Generation and Chocolat, Jenny Hyun. To bring you back up to speed, boxer Floyd Mayweather dismissed Lin’s achievements with what some perceived as racist. Ms. Hyun decided to up the ante with a racist diatribe against Mayweather of her own. Eventually, she dropped off the online stratosphere, claimingthat she was being admitted to a hospital for schizophrenia when the backlash proved too much.

Regardless of what happened, it looks like she’s back on the map. Her website, blog, twitter, and other social networking accounts are online. And from the looks of things, she hasn’t quite learned her lesson either.

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Jeremy Lin for GQ

Jeremy Lin, from couch surfing to now playing on the Houston Rockets. The perfect subject for GQ Magazine’s cover. Do people still buy this magazine? We hope so. There also an article about him to go with it. (GQ -Jeremy Lin)

The folks at Condenast wrote it and asked if we could take down a couple of the images, so we did. -Eric

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Tracy McGrady to Qingdao Eagles in China

Goodbye NBA, hello Qingdao Eagles in China. Tracy McGrady was an all star level player who teamed up with Yao Ming on the Houston Rockets. Next year, he won’t be in the NBA. He’ll be in China. Largely a non factor these days in the NBA, this transition is both a chance to be a huge star and still play basketball in the world’s largest market. (TMac)

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What happened to Basketball in China?

What happened to Basketball in China? A team that should be on the rise, seems like they’re back to the basics. The simple thing that takes work, defense is non existent. They got their asses kicked in the Olympics and are already out. Post Yao Ming basketball seems like it took a huge step back. (ABC – China Basketball)

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Jeremy Lin Press Conference with the Rockets

In base you can’t access it from the image, here’s the link.


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Jeremy Lin Wins Espys – Best Breakthrough Athlete

Jeremy Lin, the Asian American athlete of the year for sure, wins an ESPY award. Best Breakthrough Athlete. Of course he did! While there can’t be enough awards especially from an Asian American standpoint, it’s time for him to get playing again.



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Houston Rockets / Jeremy Lin

The Knicks will probably match this offer. Jeremy Lin is in the money. 4 years. 28.9 million. (NYdailynews – Knicks)

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Obama is Linsane

BS: Jeremy Lin.

Obama: — doing good. And I knew about Jeremy before you did, or everybody else did, because Arne Duncan, my Secretary of Education, was captain of the Harvard team. And so way back when, Arne and I were playing and he said, I’m telling you, we’ve got this terrific guard named Jeremy Lin at Harvard. And then one of my best friends, his son is a freshman at Harvard, and so when he went for a recruiting trip he saw Lin in action. So I’ve been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon for a while.

BS: Are you taking credit for “Linsanity”? It kind of feels like you are a little bit.

Obama: I can’t take credit for it, but I’m just saying I was there early.

BS: I’m surprised you didn’t steer him toward the Bulls. [Laughter.] He was floating around and getting waived by teams.

Obama: Well, we’ve got this pretty good point guard on the Bulls as well. So he might not have gotten as much PT as he did.

But look, it’s a great story. And what’s interesting is the fact that somehow folks were missing it in practice. I mean, that’s what’s interesting. Because you got to assume that during scrimmages he was running that pick-and-roll pretty well. And it is a terrific story. He seems like a wonderful young man. And, look, it elevates this great sport all around the world. It can’t hurt ratings for basketball in China.

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Asian American Basketball Leagues on NPR

A short interview with the writer Jamilah King from Colorlines who talks about the leagues.

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Linsanity Drives Girl’s Generation Song Writer to Insanity

New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin’s rise was guaranteed to eventually incite hate from both teams. It should come as no shock then that boxer Floyd Mayweather voiced his own criticisms of the Point Guard on the Twittersphere. After all, Mayweather released his own homophobic and racist rant against Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao on YouTube in the past. To his credit, he at least toned down his rhetoric (profanity wise) concerning his opinion towards Lin.

“Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian,” Mayweather tweeted. “Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

Alas, this entry isn’t about Mayweather so much as what swiftly followed.

Jenny Hyun–co-writer of Kpop group Girls’ Generation’s “How Great is Your Love” and Chocolat’s “One More Day”–pulled a Kenneth Eng and combated racism with more racism. Her following tweets called for the genocide of African Americans among other things.

It’s safe to say, her response wasn’t met with much praise and got to a point where she locked her Twitter account. She delivered a not so sincere apologized on her blog, all the while defending her inflammatory remarks.

She deleted the apology. In its place stands a seemingly more sincere one written by a third party explaining that she suffers from a psychotic episode and is undergoing treatment at a hospital. Whether or not this was the subtle work of a hacker is yet to be revealed. However a closer inspection of her blog reveals that she identifies as Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Humanist. With a synchronicity like that, my bet’s on insanity.


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Jeremy Lin Trademark in China

Lin Shuhao trademarked in China in 2010 which means legit Jeremy Lin products will probably emerge. It seems like challenging these in China is a tough business. Perhaps he can just make his own bootlegs and beat the real thing. (WSJ – Lin TM)

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Asian Americans in Basketball

Asian league basketball through the ages hasn’t produced too many stars on the court. I even played a season in Japanese American league basketball, only to realize that I sucked. In my first season, I scored 1 basket and it happened in the last game. I often wondered why did we have a segregated league, and what happened to the very best players. In the past, most of the best players went to high school and never tried out for the high school team. Instead they were content starring in a league of players – some of who were like me. Now it’s changing, players are taking that step and kicking ass on their own high school teams. It’s happening more with the females who are playing in college and the rare ones making it to the WNBA.

It’s pretty obvious why an article like this is pertinent today. (Colorlines – bball)


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Kobe Bryant Talks about China and Basketball

A little interview with Kobe Bryant about Basketball in China. He’s become well spoken and isn’t licking his lips so much anymore. Yes, he’s a grown up with grown up problems too. For a minute, he seems down with the cause. (LA Times – Kobe)


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Jeremy Lin Fortune Cookie – Racism

Knicks MSG Network makes a graphic and strikes out. Is it ok to include an African American player and watermelon? ribs? fried chicken? White player and cornbread? milkbottles? trailers? Mexican player and sleeping dude at a cactus? C’mon!

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Jeremy Lin Watch is On

Jeremy Lin watch is on. It’s happening by Asian Americans everywhere. Like the photos and imagery of people watching games or huge events at a TV shop showroom window, it happening on iPhones, bars, and everywhere. Last night, the Lakers played the Knicks. In LA, everyone’s a Laker fan, but for this one game, Asian Americans routed for just 1 player over their own local heroes.

Below, I watched part of the game through the barred window at a barber shop in Echo Park. The folks inside routed for the Lakers, us Asian Americans outside, it was for Jeremy Lin. One customer emerged and talked about how the Lakers weren’t playing well, oblivious to the fact that we didn’t care.


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Jeremy Lin to Start in the NBA

Jeremy Lin Starting for the New York Knicks as they face the Jazz tonight. Of course the photo that used below is a martial arts reference. How is this a basketball photo? He does have a martial artists physique. (sbnation – Jeremy Lin)

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Jeremy Lin Career Game Video 2/4/12

Here’s a long clip of Jeremy Lin playing some serious minutes with the NY Knicks just yesterday. It was a career game and an Asian American in the NBA? Sure. His line: Jeremy Lin: 25 Pts, 5 Reb, 7 Ast, 2 Stl


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NBA’er (D) Jeremy Lin Update


Jeremy Lin article. Yes, he’s in the D League after being on the Knicks and getting no playing time. He did score a triple double in a recent game and is looking strong. What does it mean to do well in the D League if you don’t get playing time in the NBA? Sometimes nothing unfortunately. Hope it matters this time. (NBC - Jeremy Lin)



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