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Show reviews: Guitar Wolf, Coathangers, Earthless, Joy, Bulletins, Best Coast, plus David Choe

It doesn’t suck to live in California, where you get to see bands like Best Coast play free record-release shows at Amoeba. Yes, the brand-new EP is as amazing as the RSD 7″ led us to believe, perfectly combining honesty and polish, and the new songs sounded great live. So did favorites like “The Only Place,” “Crazy for You,” and the closer, “Girlfriend.” The place was packed and stoked and so was Bethany, who made a point to repeatedly thank all the fans and friends for being there. Watch the set at the Amoeba site when you have the time!

Afterward there was a record signing where Eloise got to give Bobb and Bethany band portraits that she drew while we were in line. I’ll occasionally run into Bobb at shows or the market, and he is not only the most talented musician and producer but one of the raddest guys. Glad Eloise got to see him in action and say hi. Hopefully next time we’ll see him over donuts in Highland Park! (more…)

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David Choe AMA on Reddit

So, that means, ask him anything. This is your chance to get some questions answered. It’s just starting, and we’ll see where it ends up.  (Reddit – David Choe)

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GameSpot Tours Giant Robot Booth 1729 at Comic-Con 2012

 GameSpot gets GR Boss Robot Eric Nakamura to give him a video tour of BOOTH 1729 at Comic-Con 2012.

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David Choe Gets Animated Hangs Out With Aliens

These Taiwan news animators are too amazing.


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Giant Robot Time 2.10.12

giant robot






iam8bit has teamed up with the lovely folks at Nintendo and pals at Giant Robot to produce a shindig for the launch of Rhythm Heaven Fever, coming out for the Wii in a few weeks!

This will perhaps be the craziest party iam8bit has produced, as the game isn’t shy about how bizarrely addictive it is. There are more than 50 mini-games, all of which are pure awesome (like snow seals rolling to a beat) and weirdly awesome (like a monkey high-fiving fellow chimps as he rotates around a clock). The game is all about keeping the rhythm to fast-paced music, which translates most perfectly into a party scenario. They’ll have an overload of activities, including:

- Live Art (by famed artists Yoskay Yamamoto and Mari Inukai, courtesy of Giant Robot)

- Photo Playset (complete with lots of crazy, oversized plush props)

Interactive Video Playset (in which you’ll be coaxed into dancing your favorite jig for the camera, and then upload it to Nintendo’s site)

- Swag Galore! (custom-designed t-shirts and posters)

- Raffle (win the art created by Yamamoto and Inukai)

- Food (yum!) Drinks (gulp!) DJ (oh yeah!)






The Giant Robot 2 (GR2) presents: Hello Spring! Spring is upon us and mysterious, whimsical, and even gritty fits the artists below. It’s going to be a fun exhibition.

The exhibition includes work by:

APAK – Ulises Farinas – Renee French – Pamela Henderson – Albert Reyes – Erika Yamashiro


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David Choe vs Jeremy Lin – Biggest Asian American News Makers

In the last few days, two names have emerged as the biggest news makers of Asian America – perhaps of the year, and it’s only early February. Our friend, David Choe (below right) made huge news because of a Facebook mural, the right choice, and reportedly $200 million dollars. No, he didn’t build Facebook, but he decorated it and chose stocks over a decent sum of money for his labor in 2005. Years later, he has more than a winning lotto ticket or even Kobe Bryant. He’s been on Howard Stern, Nightline tomorrow, and there’s plenty of media he’s turning down. He’s been in the forefront of the news.



Then there’s Jeremy Lin, two games 58 points, a lot of assists and he’s playing in New York City. From the dumps to one of the biggest stages in sports. Who knows what kind of contract he has and what will happen in the next game or when the other guards heal up, but he’s doing the Jackie Robinson type of thing in the NBA for Asian America, although it’s only 2 games.



Surely, the Jeremy Lin story might be more important although it’s a mere two games and not an annual All Star candidate, but he’s pushing Asian America in the most traditional ways. From high school stand out to Harvard to the NBA, getting cut a few times then sent to the D League, and now “starring.” Yet, the Choe story is something that’s akin to a new Asian America and new world. Social media riches isn’t the same as the age old NBA, yet for an outspoken Asian American, it’s a great medium and in the case of David Choe, he chose free speeching Howard Stern as his first interview over all of traditional media and was interviewed by Barbara Walters doing graffiti.

Since the title of the post has a vs… who’s news is more important? It’s hard to tell just yet. David Choe has potential energy to do a lot more and go to the billionaire mark and be the biggest artist period. Jeremy Lin can be a great basketball player. An All Star if he keep playing like he is, at the moment, Jeremy Lin has the edge but it can die out. Choe on the other hand is like Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions. Who knows what he’ll do.

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Choe on Nightline Thursday Feb 9 Barbara Walters

Via Upperplayground

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HOWARD STERN: Graffiti artist David Choe may make $200 million from Facebook stock options

Gambler Choe, $60k or Facebook stock. What would you do? The reported few thousand was actually 60k.



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David Choe on Howard Stern

Some people have dreams of fame and fortune, and others want to sit next to Baba Booey and a short man with bugged out teeth named Beetlejuice. David Choe is living his dream. Tomorrow, Tuesday February 7, 2012, David Choe will be in NYC making an experience on the Howard Stern radio show, discussing all things Facebook, art, gambling, porn, and perhaps Dave will get naked. If Howard asks, of course. Stay tuned at UpperPlayground.com for an entire week of news of David’s week in NYC, as well as information on his drumming position in South African musical group, Die Antwoord.

Check out our Choe goods.

-Via Upperplayground! 

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Giant Robot Time 2.3.12

giant robot



The Giant Robot 2 (GR2) presents: YEAR OF THE DRAGON – an art exhibition featuring Dragons! This is the official GR2 Grand Re-Opening as well as our beloved Michelle Borok’s Farewell…

Michelle Borok who is coincidentally Year of the Dragon, began as a clerk at Giant Robot LA and quickly found herself managing all locations, curating exhibitions, building the brand, and needless to say, much much more. She will be moving to Mongolia.

“While the Year of the Rabbit was characterized by calm and tranquility, the Year of the Dragon will be marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity. The Rabbit imbues people with a sense of cautious optimism, but people respond to the spirit of the Dragon with energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm, often throwing all caution to the wind – which can be an unwise move: The Dragon is all about drama but if you take unnecessary risks, you may find yourself starring in your own personal tragedy.” The exhibition includes work by:

Andrice Arp, Robert Bellm, Aaron Brown, Elliot  Brown, Stasia Burrington, Bjorn Calleja, Ako Castuera, Sean Chao, Louise Chen, Shawn Cheng, James Chong, Luke Chueh, Chris Cilla, Jesse Fillingham, Cam Floyd, Harrison Freeman, Renee French, Gabe  Gonzales, Kio Griffith, Joe Hahn, Nao Harada, Hiro Hayashi, David Horvath, Kerry Horvath, Martin Hsu, Mark Ingram, Mari Inukai, Elizabeth Ito, Marc Johns, Jeremiah LaTorre, Little Friends of Printmaking, Tessar Lo, Bradford Lynn, Miso, Gary Musgrave, Mark Nagata, Ming Ong, Martin Ontiveros, Sana Park, Sidney Pink, Jarrett Quon, Jesse Reklaw, Sara Saedi, Ryan Jacob Smith, Dave Stolte, Ken Taya, Edwin Ushiro, Christine Vincent, Steven Weissman, Heidi  Woan, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeni Yang, Yejin Oh, Sashiko Yuen


                                                             GAME NIGHT 8



In conjunction with the Attract Mode, Meat Bun apparel, Angry Bananas, and LA Game Space, Giant Robot is proud to host Game Night 8, an event that takes place at GR2 about every two months. For this eighth installment, we are featuring Monaco.

Monaco is a 1 to 4-player cooperative crime caper inspired by classic French heist movies and set in modern day Monte Carlo. It can be summed up as ‘Pac-Man Meets Hitman.’ In 2010 Monaco won the Independent Game Festival Awards Grand Prize for Best Independent Game, as well as the award for Excellence in Design. It is still in development, and this is a rare opportunity to play the in-progress title and interact with creator Andy Schatz and producer Andy Nguyen.



Featuring: APAK, Ulises Farinas, Renee French, Pamela Henderson, Albert Reyes, and Erika Yamashiro.


Get a free copy of Johnnie To’s newly released Punished with any order over $30.

Mention “Punished” in the comments section at checkout to be eligible. Good while supplies last.

Offer also applicable in-store.




Ten years in the making, a career-spanning collection of paintings, sketches, murals, graffiti, snapshots, and more. Featured in Printed Matter 10. Giclee on paper. Edition of 150.
Limited edition of five prints signed and numbered. Meet David Choe, degenerate gambler, insatiable sex addict, and compulsive thief who sprays paint on walls at night.
New t-shirts by Upper Playground that feature the controversial and inspiring artwork of David Choe. In commemoration of Giant Robot’s 15th anniversary, artist David Choe collaborated once again for two new skate decks.
YEAR OF THE DRAGON OPENING RECEPTION PHOTOSBy GIANT ROBOT NEWSThank you to everyone who ushered in the Year of the Dragon with us last weekend. PHOTOS OF THE WEEKBy ERIC NAKAMURAAko Castuera holding her two pieces for Year of the Dragon. Watch for her solo show at GR2 in the coming months.
INTERVIEW: JESSE MICHAELS FROM CLASSICS OF LOVEBy MARTIN WONG“Classics of Love is a bit sweet, you know? But we play music with anger in it, and now I am happy that the music is framed by a soft name.” WITTR AT THE ECHOPLEX, KIT AND KEYCHAIN AT THE SMELLBy MARTIN WONGIt’s about time I checked out some bands that I haven’t seen a million times before: Wolves in the Throne Room, KIT, and Keychain.



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Tribute to the Kid with the Red Backpack

He was beaten, bloodied, but still standing. David Choe made a tribute to the kid with the red backpack.


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Mark Zuckerberg Spray Paints a Wall With Mr Choe

This is getting to be like a Kim Jong Il pointing at fruit tumblr!





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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Takes David Choe on a Tour – Video Added

David Choe’s been painting murals in the new offices of Facebook. In case you didn’t know, he painted the original Facebook offices years and years ago, and has funny stories to tell about that experience. But now years later, he’s painting all again. Here’s some photos pre-paint job at Facebook. Congrats David, or should we say, congrats Mark? (Upperplayground – Choe x Facebook)


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Ten Things in 2011

This isn’t a Top Ten list like “Best Concert, Best Movie, or Best Toy”. It’s a list that’s as important and there are highlights in them all, but by no means is it a Top Ten of anything. They’re just important as everything else – family, friends, and so on. Maybe I’ll try and turn out a list that’s more like that…


 We painted the mural on the wall. That alone was an 11 hour project. 


Zen Garage – The year started off great with the Zen Garage art opening just a few days before the new year. Yet, the actual New Year’s Day kicked off with the Oshogatsu program at JANM. It was motor vehicles including the Giant Robot Scion Car I designed but also custom motorcycles and the now vintage David Choe Scion. Thanks to Len Higa and Shinya Kimura for jumping on board. The year began with a GR show in a museum – it’s a great start with you get to do a project with friends, new friends, and a place like JANM. Collaboration can be more fun than doing something alone.


 It’s great when artists install their own work. 


James Jean Art Show – Aside from it being one of the greater or even greatest art shows of the year, it also indelibly marked the night that the earthquake struck Japan. I recall, it was at the after party, the twitter messages were beginning. An 8.9 quake? The thought of a giant quake was one thing, yes there would be lives lost and yes a lot of damage, but less than an hour later, the Tsunami hit the shores and that’s when the things got real, it became internet news for days straight.



Martin’s Top Ten for 2011

OFF!'s free midnight show at the Echoplex

As it was for a lot of you out there, this wasn’t the easiest year for me and my family. Following Giant Robot’s print magazine going on hiatus at the tail end of 2010, I was unemployed with no job leads or responses to my queries for the first six months. Then, after I got an awesome job out of nowhere, the company my wife worked for was purchased by a competitor and shut down. Fortunately, we’ve managed to get by through frugal habits, a rock-solid support system of family and friends, and the PMA. And yes, there have been highlights. Here are ten of them–some of which has been written about in the blog, others merely alluded to, and a couple of odds and ends–in no particular order. (more…)


David Choe’s Yellow Armor Print Giveaway Yields 1000+ Entries


Since a lot of you saw it here, we’ll post what he said about the entries: “Hey Kids thanks for playing! It’s 5am in new York I just got a call from Bobby Namba saying We got over a thousand submissions all around the Same time , I gotta be honest even though everyone loves free shit (and let’s be honest this wasn’t entirely free i did ask for a tiny piece of your soul ) I didn’t think so many people would come through with my requests, and actually alot of you didn’t , all the ones that didn’t follow instructions or wrote me “hey dave choi I love your art dude I’m Your biggest fan send my free print to …” without completing any of the redemptive good deed tasks, were thrown out … if you did what I asked and got it in with the quickness to the first 111 people, you will get something nice from me soon (if you bitch or complain about anything to me or Bobby, your print is getting reneged remember that some stranger did something nice for you and spread the love assholes :)

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Product: David Choe Fairy Painting


Fairy is one of David Choe’s greatest paintings. Filled with texture and colors, this might be an image that goes down in his history of art. Executed in 2009, we have it in his hardcover book which will come especially signed and on his GR collaborative skate deck which is quite limited and getting scarce. We just thought you should know


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Dirty Hands Harry Kim and David Choe Signing Photos

The day began with Harry Kim holding his own by charming a few and being the pitbull of a director he is. David Choe showed up a bit later and they signed away. Those who came did see some mini events. The arm wrestling of Harry vs a visitor lasting a lot longer than one would think.

The challenge was put out. Harry Kim vs anyone.

The anyone won. Look at his chompers! More photos below!


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Not in LA? Get Your Dirty Hands DVD Signed!


GR Customers who won’t make it down. Here’s the DVD and we’ll get it signed by Harry Kim and David Choe, the Thumbs Up! Duo!

Get it here!

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GR2 Sunday 9/18/2011 2-4pm DVD Signing Dirty Hands Harry Kim + David Choe

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – DVD Signing at Giant Robot 2

Dirty Hands The Art and Crimes of David Choe DVD Signing  at Giant Robot 2


SUNDAY September 18 2-4pm


2062 Sawtelle Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 445-9276

Giant Robot will host a DVD signing of Dirty Hands The Art and Crimes of David Choe with director Harry Kim. David Choe is scheduled to be there as well.

You probably know of the artist David Choe – and this is his life story. From his early days, to his Japan prison stint, to the current day excitement, you’ll traverse the jagged story line of his life. The film is an original portrayal filmed over nearly a decade of time and it’s now available with extra commentary of Choe’s own mother to a bonus disc of footage. Director Harry Kim began this project as a USC film student and has travelled the world with Choe with both the film and with their web series “Thumbs Up”.

DVD’s will be available for sale.

Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994, but has evolved into a full-service pop culture provider with shops and galleries in Los Angeles as well as an online equivalent.


Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
[email protected]
(310) 479-7311









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