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Jeremy Lin Meets and Beats the Knicks

The most watched player by Asian Americans is still Jeremy Lin. The season is long and sometimes we forget about the guy, yet he’s trucking along and played well against his old team. He was a hero last year, this year, he’s quickly becoming status quo which is a great. Why not an Asian American playing well in the NBA? 22pts 8 assists.



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Jeremy Lin for GQ

Jeremy Lin, from couch surfing to now playing on the Houston Rockets. The perfect subject for GQ Magazine’s cover. Do people still buy this magazine? We hope so. There also an article about him to go with it. (GQ -Jeremy Lin)

The folks at Condenast wrote it and asked if we could take down a couple of the images, so we did. -Eric

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Lin Signs with Houston and MSG Stock Drops 93 Million

I guess they should have just paid up for Lin. (Forbes – Lin Stock)

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Jeremy Lin Press Conference with the Rockets

In base you can’t access it from the image, here’s the link.


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Good Luck Knicks

Lin article in GQ that sort of explains a side of the story. Carmelo Anthony keeps digging himself deeper. Also it’s great the author of the article points out, “Apparently, to Melo, Jeremy Lin is not in the fraternity. Or at least, Lin’s place in it is dubious enough that he has not earned the omerta that every other player gets. Anybody wanna try to convince me it has zero to do with Lin being Asian-American?” (GQ - Lin)

As many Asian Americans are going to say, “Good luck Knicks”. There’s no championship coming soon. It’s as if the Knicks are going through the motions to try and be a contender, but they’re just not and hate to say, never were, even with Lin.

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Jeremy Lin – On Being Traded

“We wanted to keep you, but it couldn’t work out. Tell your family I say hello, and good luck the rest of the way.” (SI – Jeremy Lin)

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Knicks Set to Let Lin Go

NY Knicks think they’re onto something without Lin… Houston Rockets will end up with Lin if this plays out. Jason Kidd and Lin would have been a great tandem. Either way Lin has to be thankful for the Knicks and has to hope he’ll fit in another system.

There’s some backstory.

“So it was up to Lin to set his own market value, by getting an outside offer. He initially agreed with Houston on a three-year, $19.5 million deal, including a $9.3 million balloon payment in the third year. That deal was agreed to in principle but never signed.

When it became apparent that the Knicks would match, the Rockets increased the third-year salary to $14.9 million, close to the maximum allowed. The Knicks are already expected to be over the luxury-tax threshold, so Lin’s salary would have cost them tens of millions more under the league’s more punitive new system.” (NY Times – Lin)

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Jeremy Lin Wins Espys – Best Breakthrough Athlete

Jeremy Lin, the Asian American athlete of the year for sure, wins an ESPY award. Best Breakthrough Athlete. Of course he did! While there can’t be enough awards especially from an Asian American standpoint, it’s time for him to get playing again.



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Houston Rockets / Jeremy Lin

The Knicks will probably match this offer. Jeremy Lin is in the money. 4 years. 28.9 million. (NYdailynews – Knicks)

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Jeremy Lin Does PSA on Dating Violence

Many talking heads. 1 is 2 Many.


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Jeremy Lin to the Stuyvesant High School Class of 2012

Stuyvesant High School Class of 2012. The best 4 years of his life couldn’t have been college… it has to be going on now! Either way, a cool thing to do for a high school class.


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Jeremy Lin – Time Magazine Top 100

The player gets picked. Yes there are bigger than life athletes, but no one speaks to an entire ethnicity like this man. At 23, he hardly needs to say anything, but his actions have spoken. (Time – Jeremy Lin)

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Jeremy Lin Out 6 Weeks

Meniscus tear. We wish it were tears. (cbssports – knew injury)

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Jeremy Lin Meets ESPN Headline Writer

Jeremy Lin met with the writer of the infamous Chink headline. Anthony Fedrico who was fired by ESPN. He’s 28. Although he’s perfectly capable of writing headlines at that age, he’s still a kid who should know better. They finally met up.

“We talked more about matters of faith [and] reconciliation. We talked about our shared Christian values and what we’re both trying do with this situation . . . We didn’t talk about the headline for more than three minutes.”

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Madison Square Garden to Air Chinese Coke Ads

Coca Cola ads in Chinese to run at Madison Square Garden. Yes another Linsanity lifestyle adjustment. Awesome and odd too. Mandarin for sure, and will it sell more soda, or does Coke really need to? Does Lin get a cut of the increased soda sales? (Philly.com – MSG)

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Jeremy Lin With Volvo

Jeremy Lin is going to work with Volvo. A press conference is supposedly happening at 5pm eastern time. Strange, a press conference to announce a corporate sponsorship? Why can’t a signature be put on a contract and then we find out about it with a start of a campaign? This isn’t a draft pick press conference or anything like that, it’s a back room deal that’ll end up as a marketing plan. (WSJ – Jeremy Lin Volvo)

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Nicely Done Jeremy Lin Viewpoint

Yes, it’s just a link to one article. It’s nicely thought out and written.

Excerpt: “The son of Chinese immigrants, Vincent Chin looked plenty enough like a Japanese automotive job-stealer to his attackers that they took a baseball bat to his brain. People shuddered at this, but it was the white men’s sentence to probation and $3,000 in fines that made communities link arms and identities in protest. Before that, “Asian American” was mainly something that lefty radicals and academics called themselves; very little distinction had previously been made, even amongst those who looked the part, between being, say, Chinese American versus Chinese, or Asian American versus Oriental.

It took the miscarriage of justice around a young man’s killing for the “Asian American” community to learn those distinctions, and for its members to recognize themselves in that name.”

(ESPN – Erin Khue Ninh)

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Jeremy Lin’s Agent Making Money

Yet another Lin story. The agent makes a mark. He gambles on a player who doesn’t get drafted like Jeremy Lin. This means no guarantees unless he gets picked up and Roger Montgomery doesn’t get paid. He has 1 player in the NBA, 2 in Europe and Lin. Check out the terms for agents as seen in the NY Times. “Indeed, for agents with only one or two clients — with income derived from fees of up to 4 percent they receive on player contracts and up to 20 percent on endorsement deals —”

Basically, the reason to post this… now look who’s smiling. (NY Times – Montgomery)

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Amare Melo Chandler and Lin

Blurry and but on TV thanks Thomas Nakanishi. Amare & Melo & Chandler & Lin at the Knicks game.

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Jeremy Lin Wants to Meet Obama

Jeremy Lin wants to meet Obama one day soon. It’ll happen. (NY Daily News  - Jeremy Lin)

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