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Jungle Gym of My Mind – Mari Inukai Exhibition

Mari Inukai’s exhibition, Jungle Gym of My Mind opened last night at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City. I’ve known Mari for years and I’m qualified to say that the subjects of her art progresses with her life. There are dark and light moments and a consistent subject is her daughter Sena. Seeing an image of Mari clothed and sitting in a bathtub is striking. When does one sit in a bathtub clothed? The spectacle piece and perhaps the largest is a portrait of Sena in Japanese traditional attire. She’s posed in the center and is a huge piece of Mari’s life. At times, their relationship seems like they are the best of friends and sometimes, Sena jumps into the mother role. The drawings are simple and refined. The graphite line work tell stories. Female nudes? Yes, she paints them classy. Here are more photos.

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Mari Inukai: Jungle Gym of My Mind Begins Tomorrow

Mari Inukai’s exhibition, Jungle Gym of My Mind begins tomorrow. I first enjoyed her drawings and have since enjoyed her larger scale paintings. They often capture the essence of their subjects who are often in classical painting poses. Inukai is also able to weave in elements of popular culture in a menagerie of her own iconic characters in other paintings. As a whole, the pieces link together and they tell a story about her life. 

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GR X Comic-Con 13: Nekomitaina Hone GID – Mari Inukai Signing SDCC13

GR X Comic-Con 13: Nekomitaina Hone GID – Mari Inukai Signing  

In the wonderful series of Sekaiseifukudan, it’s time to release another limited edition Glow in the Dark, and this time it’s the Nekomitaina Hone GID! A purchase will get you a free limited edition print.

Mari Inukai will be Signing and sketching on Saturday July 20th 11am!

Giant Robot Booth 1729

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GR X Comic-Con 13: Remix Big Boss Robot (5.5″) SDCC13

GR X Comic-Con 13: Remix Big Boss Robot

The 5.5″ sized Big Boss Robot will be Remixed.

Drilone, Leecifer, Luke Chueh, David Horvath, Aaron Brown, Julie West, Jason Limon, Edwin Ushiro, Jeremiah Ketner, Nathan Ota, Yoskay Yamamoto, J*Ryu, Mari Inukai, Dehara Yukinori, Cris Rose, Kohei Yamashita, Lunabee, A Little Stranger + more

Art by Nathan Ota
Participants subject to change
Giant Robot Booth 1729

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GR2 – Mari Inukai 20 Pieces of Dreams Art

Art currently online at

[nggallery id=gr2mari20]

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GR2 20 Pieces of Dreams Opening Night Photos

An awesome opening night featuring the works of Mari Inukai, Sena Inukai, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Ito, Fumi Omori, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, Sean Chao, Stella Im Hultberg, Tessar Lo, and Yoskay Yamamoto. Thanks for coming out. The below photo features Kaonashi from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. That’s Audrey Kawasaki on left, Mari and Sena Inukai on right.

[nggallery id=GR2MariInukai20]


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GR2 – Mari Inukai – 20 Pieces of Dreams

A few images to get you warmed up for GR2 on saturday.

Great work by our close friend, Mari Inukai.

Amy Sol

Edwin Ushiro


Katsuya Terada

Stella Im Hultburg

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GR2 10/27 – 11/14 Mari Inukai 20 Pieces of Dreams

Giant Robot Presents

20 pieces of Dreams

An Exhibition by Mari Inukai and Special Guests

In Japan, a 20th Birthday is a “Coming of Age” birthday. It includes ceremonies and parties, and it’s akin to becoming 21 in the US. We’ll be celebrating Mari Inukai’s Daughter, Sena’s birthday on October 27th at Giant Robot 2 in West LA.

The Exhibition will feature:

Mari Inukai, Sena Inukai, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Ito, Fumi Omori, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, Sean Chao, Stella Im Hultberg, Tessar Lo, and Yoskay Yamamoto

An opening reception for Mari Inukai, Sena and Friends will take place from 6:30 – 10:00 PM on Saturday, October 27th.

October 27th – November 14th 2012
Reception: Saturday, October 27th, 6:30 – 10:00 PM

2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

For more information about Mari Inukai GR2, or anything else:
Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
[email protected]
(310) 445 9276


Giant Robot Biennale Remix Project: Mari Inukai

Mari Inukai oil painted these figures. They feel like they’re one of her paintings!

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Comic Con: the Last

Magic hour hit at the docks after Comic Con. Sena, Kat and Mari absorbed the nice lighting.



Scott Spatola and Leia with boobs.


Mari and her print that came with the purchase of her figure.



GameSpot Tours Giant Robot Booth 1729 at Comic-Con 2012

 GameSpot gets GR Boss Robot Eric Nakamura to give him a video tour of BOOTH 1729 at Comic-Con 2012.

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GR SDCC: Mari Inukai GID Nekomitaina and Print

Signing Sunday 1-3pm at Giant Robot booth 1729. Mari Inukai and the exclusive GID Nekomitaina. It’s $100 and  you get an 8×10 print free with purchase or while supplies last.

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Mari Inukai Post It’s 7 This Saturday

Post It’s 7 is coming up this thursday. Here’s the work by Mari Inukai. Her works are always beautiful, delicate, and at the same time with attitude.

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Kent Williams at GR

Minutes after we posted that the Bliss Kent Williams cover was out, he appeared. Literally minutes.

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Bliss Magazine – Free at Giant Robot Store Featuring Kent Williams

Bliss a free paper features Kent Williams on the cover including an interview. Not enough people pay attention to Kent, but here he is. That’s him floating upside down. That’s Mari Inukai below on the bed.



That’s Ayako Fujitani below



Mari on the left and Sena Inukai on right. This painting looks gangster. Mari with a sword… dangerous.


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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Mari Inukai

Mari Inukai is a friend to Giant Robot much like many other artists. Her work is often depicting her daughter Sena, but not always. Inukai explores popular culture with her own range of characters, which manifested into her own character figure series, Sekaiseifukudan as seen at Giant Robot Store. They’re not toys, but more in line as an artist work. The video below was taken at Comic-Con when Inukai signed figures and charmed new and old fans.



Her next exhibition, In the Wake of Dreams is below and begins tomorrow. It’s a four person show and should promise beautiful art works. Inukai’s daughter, Sena is pictured below, second from the left.

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Giant Robot Video – Mari Inukai



Mari Inukai is an artist living in Los Angeles. This is a short message about what she thinks about signings. It was shot during Comic Con 2011.


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SD Comic Con Signings at the GR Booth

Kid Koala signed his new book, Space Cadet!


David Horvath did his usual, and entertained little kid drawings. A sort of portfolio review.



Little Tokyo Design Week Photos Day 3

Giant Robot at Little Tokyo Design Week. I’m a bit behind on the LTDW posts. There’ll be one more post up soon. These photos are from Friday which was slow in our area. It was packed at the JACCC which was screening Totoro and featured another 10 containers, an alcohol area, and a swarm of people. The evening led to nice photos.


Little Bony for you. The little dude fit perfectly in the container as if he were a product.


Martin Hsu who now lives in SF. He’ll be showing at Giant Robot 2 later this year.



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Giant Robot Signing at Comic-Con San Diego


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Giant Robot at Comic-Con San Diego July 20-24

Giant Robot Booth 1729 (Same space every year! – Look for the red lanterns)

Giant Robot will be at Comic-Con San Diego, and will set up our merchandise booth.


Signing Schedule

Mari Inukai – Friday July 22nd 3:30-5:30 (Sekaiseifukudan figures and bonus items)

Kid Koala – Saturday July 23rd 10:30-11:30 (His new book Space Cadet)

Mari Inukai – Saturday July 23rd 12-2

Bonnie Burton – July 23rd 3-4 (Star Wars Craft Book)

David Horvath – July 23rd 4:30-5:30 (Bossy Bear and more!)


Watch for more announcements at


Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
[email protected]
(310) 479-7311

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