Elevate With Nels Cline Downtown Photos

Elevate, a project in conjunction with artist, Stephen Glassman went from an art project benefit, to a full fledged happening. When you think of downtown loft rooftops, helicopter, Nels Cline, modern dance, does it mesh with Giant Robot? We came in nearer to the finish line, and provided art video games and our new MobiMovi concept of making short films with a cellphone camera. Being in LA, and in media, we’ve seen nearly everything, yet the crescendo to the Elevated event was a one of the ages. Nels Cline is a guitar god, but has he ever played alongside with the chaotic sound of a hovering helicopter who flashed a spotlight? Probably not. It sounded awesome. Meanwhile, Sarah Elgart performed modern dance. That’s what happened. Photos can’t capture the sound, but maybe a short bit of video can. Photos by Dean Gojobori, DJ Tony Jr and Myself.

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Godfather of Gangster Rap – Wan Joon Kim

Wan Joon Kim sold some of the earliest works by Easy E at the Compton Swap Meet. He just passed away at 79. Listen to the NPR story. He started by trying to make a buck on the music since “long lines” formed for it elsewhere. Perhaps it really grew on him and it sounds like the musicians really liked him. So cool and he’s a GR Underdog. (NPR – Wan Joon Kim)

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Greatest 12 Asian American Rappers of All Time

The greatest 12. Includes Chops!

(Gumship – Greatest Asian American rappers of all time)

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11.3 Million for an Asiatix, an Asian American Rap Group?

It’s a confusing short read, when they blend Asian American rap with “overseas” signing to Lil’ Wayne’s label, Cash Money. Are they really worth 11.3 million, which seems to be based heavily on their YouTube fame? Either way, congrats. (FuseTV – Asiatix)

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Jin, the Rapper

An extensive article about Jin, the rapper who is now only 30 has had a long career in the music industry. He’s now based in Hong Kong and is a success story. This article serves as a primer, you’ll hear the downs and ups to being a born again Christian. (WLRN – Jin)

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Automator and Emily Wells Pillowfight


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White King of K Pop

Brad Moore taught English and then joined a band! He’s the drummer of Busker Busker which won 2nd on a show called Superstar K3. Fun music video below. This was bound to happen as it happens everywhere.


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GR2: Jawbreaker Day Adam Pfahler Photos

[nggallery id=GR2-Jawbreaker-Day-Adam-Pfahler]

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GR2: Jawbreaker Day – Adam Pfahler Video

It’s edited down a bit, but you’ll get the idea of what transpired at Giant Robot 2 on Saturday for Jawbreaker Day.


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GR2: Jawbreaker Day 1/5/13 2-4pm Saturday

When: January 5th Saturday 2-4pm

Where: Giant Robot 2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 310-445-9276

You got it. January 5th, Saturday 2-4pm. Meet Adam Pfahler, drummer of Jawbreaker. He’ll do a little bit of story time with slides. You can ask him questions, and then he’ll sign some of his albums. We’ll have his new re-releases and T shirts! 


Psy Gangnam Style Business Breakdown

His financial rewards for Gangnam style is broken down. It’s not bad for a guy who most of the world didn’t previously know. The money is heavily from commercials and less by his music sales. “PSY and his camp will rake in at least $7.9 million this year, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of publicly available information and industry estimates” (AP – Gangnam)

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Jenny Hyun, the Linsane: Part Deux

Linsanity may have died down, but one fan still remembers. Earlier this year we wrote about the song writer for K-Pop groups Girl’s Generation and Chocolat, Jenny Hyun. To bring you back up to speed, boxer Floyd Mayweather dismissed Lin’s achievements with what some perceived as racist. Ms. Hyun decided to up the ante with a racist diatribe against Mayweather of her own. Eventually, she dropped off the online stratosphere, claimingthat she was being admitted to a hospital for schizophrenia when the backlash proved too much.

Regardless of what happened, it looks like she’s back on the map. Her website, blog, twitter, and other social networking accounts are online. And from the looks of things, she hasn’t quite learned her lesson either.

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George Takei Old Navy “I Don’t Want to Miss a Deal”

George Takei sings an Old Navy commercial and ends it with the epic. “Oh My…”


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Sena Song on Bandcamp by Luca Ruca

The Sena Song on Bandcamp. This was played live at GR2 by Ayako Fujitani and Ayumu Matsuki – the duo on saturday as part of the 20 Pieces of Dreams Art Exhibition. Listen to it or download it!



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Ai Weiwei Gangnam Style

Yes, he had to do it.


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Arcade Oldies. Ohio State U Marching Band Amazes


Amazing video




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Miss World Philippines Beat Boxes

Missed this one last week. Beat Boxing Miss World Philippines. The newscast part gets boring. (WSJ -Beatboxing Queen) See the whole thing on Youtube.

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NPR: Kishi Bashi Cast

Kishi Bashi interview on NPR. His sounds is looping, the violins are awesome, and he uses Japanese lyrics at times that make little sense but sound right. (NPR – Kishi Bashi)

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Ready for J Kid Pop?

This isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but the girl on the left is a huge star in Japan. Her name is Mana Ashida and as a child of 7 years, she’s a hit. If K Pop is going to reign with sexy girls, then why not combat it with a new genre of J Kid Pop? With an older demographic and aging population, this is odd and something that’ll be studied.

“Most impressively, respected Japanese advertising agency Dentsu named Ashida the sixth best Japanese “product” of 2011—placing her in front of hybrid cars and emergency supplies.” (The Atlantic – Mana Ashida)


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Helping Janet Liang Benefit Concert

Janet Liang is now in Houston getting medical treatment. Hopefully the famous quote, “Houston, We have a Problem” will be nothing but a joke since Janet and her strong spirit has just arrived. Her Leukemia is at 82% of her body, she has a 30% chance of survival, and she intends to be in Texas for the next six months recovering. (janetliang blog)She’s a busy one and there’s a concert coming up in her honor and also to raise funds. It’s Perfect 10 Concert that’s taking place in LA. The money goes to Janet’s medical bills and if you want to help her but are far away, there is a paypal link at the bottom of her home page at It’s not a Kickstarter to make something later, this is a plea for here and now.



Ironically, today I opened up my mail from saturday and this was in my small pile of packages and junk. It’s from the National Marrow Donor Program. It turns out, I’m a preliminary match for someone out there. It’s probably not Janet, or is it? The chances are slim that I’ll actually be a match for anyone since that’s just how the odds work, but it’s timely that this comes in the mail. Is it a sign of anything? I hope so.

If you look at the date, I joined in 1990. I saw a small mention of a donor drive happening near my house. A Japanese American man needed marrow. I had no idea who he was, but I decided to show up and give it a try. At the time, they drew blood and that was how it worked (Now it’s cheek swabs that you can do yourself). Having not donated blood, it was a little uneasy even if it was the quantity of a nosebleed. The folks there offered me a piece of cake and cookies and were amazed that I showed up without knowing the person. In 1991 I received a similar notice as below, and nothing happened after going in for a further blood test. Now 22 years later, here’s my second time around. I hope I can help.



That’s Janet, Jane Lui and Tamlyn Tomita at Giant Robot 2.

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