USS Daniel Inouye

Navy Destroyer named after late Senator Inouye. The posthumous awards continue for a legendary man, who’d probably not be ok with all of this. (Gov – USS Daniel Inouye)

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94 Year Old Runs for Parliament in Japan

Ryokichi Kawashima is 94 and is running to be in the Parliament in Japan. Chances are slim, but he’s trying. His viewpoints though might be just right.

“I fought in the Sino-Japanese war for seven years and the Chinese helped me survive in the tough post-war years, so I know them well,” said Kawashima.

“That whole dispute over the islands and talk that they will invade us is just pure fear-mongering. Their rulers may say such things, but I know they would never do anything like that.” (Reuters – Ryokichi Kawashima)

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Manny Pacquiao Supports Congresswoman Elect Tulsi Gabbard

Manny Pacquiao supports Congresswoman elect Tulsi Gabbard at Wild Card Boxing gym – the home of Freddie Roach. Awesome pics by Cate Park.


Manny, Tulsi Gabbard and Freddie Roach.

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Barack Obama – Backstage Moments

Sometimes, this stuff is the best.



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The Mayor of Little Saigon


That’s Tri Ta, who came to the US at 19 in 1992 is the first Vietnamese American Mayor of Little Saigon. He’ll be inundated with work and he’ll be held to a high standard. He’s also a young guy. (LA Times – Tri Ta) There also seems to be some rich stories about Little Saigon that are starting to trickle into media. Maybe it’s the Small Town, USA vibe, but keep them coming! We re posted one earlier about the local mail man who serves almost as a Mayor as well. (GR – Raymond Tran)

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No Surprise Asian Americans Voted Obama

The word is overwhelmingly. 73%. Although the total numbers are small, 3.4% it grew from 2.7%. A long way to go but in a close race, it all matters. (rawstory – Asians for Obama)

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More Asian Americans Going to Washington

Mark Takano, an openly gay Japanese American from Riverside is going to Congress.

Tulsi Gabbard Hindu-American, born in Samoa and from Hawaii going to the House of Representatives.


Tammy Duckworth (Thai – Chinese hapa) Female Vet in Congress.

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First Asian American Female Goes to Senate

What took so long? Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii will be the first. Among many milestones, this is one of them. (Mercurynews – Mazie Hirono)

and there are more, Grace Meng goes to Congress. (Politicker – Grace Meng)

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Jill and Joe Biden Speaking

Shot by Cate Park on Location and pretty close up.

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Billions for Tsunami Repair Went Elsewhere

What else can go wrong for 3.11 in Japan? Lying politicians and company chairpersons, lack of safety, false information and now this. (LATimes – Billions Elsewhere)

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Yakuza Ties Leads to Justice Ministers Resignation

Justice Minister, Keishu Tanaka and his yakuza ties has led to his demise. It’s not the first time a politician has an underworld connection. In fact political parties get the endorsements of crime groups. The best part is learning about the semi-popular ex Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s grandfather was once ties to a crime group and had tattoos, yet he was the Minister of General Affairs and known as “the tattooed minister.” (The Daily Beast – Yakuza Politicians)

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Maya Soetoro-Ng on Her Brother Barack Obama

Maya Soetoro-Ng talks about her brother, The President in this short video.


(youtube link)

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DNC Photos – Joe Biden

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DNC Updates!

Mary J Blige!

Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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“Barack Obama is the first Asian American President”

California Rep Mike Honda says Barack Obama is the first Asian American President. Mike Honda explains that growing up in Hawaii, “There is no way you can leave without picking up something from the community.” (USnews – Honda)

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Giant Robot Special: Images from the DNC

Great shots by Cate Park. More images to come. Can you identify some of the folks in the pics? See Biden and Michelle?


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Asian Americans Running for Congress

Let’s hope some of these will have a positive effect on our lives.

Graphic from the (LA Times)

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Kal Penn Talks about Obama Work

Kal Penn gets interviewed and talks about the efforts of what he did behind the scenes of the Obama administration, on the Asian American vote, and more. (The Root – Kal Penn)

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Japan and North Korea to Talk

First time in 4 years. Where will it lead? To a unified Japan and North Korea? Of course. BFF. (Washington Post – North Korea)

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Park Jong-woo is Denied Medal for His Political Gesture

After medaling with his team, Park Jong-woo displayed a sign that proclaimed a disputed island belonged to South Korea. Fine message, wrong place. Olympics aren’t for that, if it were, killing and terrorism might as well be a sport too. (WSJ – Park Jong-woo)


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