Robot Restaurant: Girls and Robots

It’s obviously ftw. Japanese bikini clad Girls and Robots mixed in a cabaret setting in a Tokyo restaurant and guess what, there’s more. They fight! This doesn’t seem like the best entertainment, but it has to be worth a view. At $40 you also get dinner in the form of a bento box! Yes, we need video don’t we? See below! (Reuters – Robot Restaurant)



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Robot Farmers in Japan

We hope this is only a test. Robots to farm the lands near the stricken reactors? Who’s going to be eating this crap? But then again, it’s just a test, so why not use land that’s not ruined and actually give away the food? Cool technology, and neat idea, but it’s just a PR move in the end that has to happen in the radiation zone. (Telegraph UK – Robot Farmers)


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Flying Robots Build a Structure

There’s been videos showing these propelled flying helicopter like bots doing flips and making delicate and intricate moves. These built a 20 foot tall structure using no humans except controlling and programming. (NPR – Flying Bots)

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Giant Robot 2 Robots: Louise Chen

Louise Chen and Squirrel Scouts at Artcycle last month 

Louise Chen spent months curating, “We Are All Animals”, featuring artist friends from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. This is the second group show that’s come out of it and the third one will be held in Los Angeles next year. Right now, the show lives in a gallery in Santa Cruz called Felix Kulpa Gallery and winds up on October 30th. Her piece for the Robots exhibition is a print called Gallant and is available here.



Chen is also a bicycle enthusiast and can be seen riding a self made tall bike. “My girl bike gang is called Squirrel Scouts and our main goal as a collective is to educate ourselves and others on how to do anything or make anything. A lot of us have a background in art or fabrication, so we have a lot of skill sets to share. We also make merit badges to put on our vests for when we learn different skills from each other, some of which are: welding, screen printing, gardening, dress-making, etc. We sometimes have pop-up shops at festivals where we sell our goodies and bring sewing machines to make things on-site!”


A view of the gallery in Santa Cruz with the We Are All Animals show set up.

Here is the Squirrel Scouts etsy:
Here is my etsy:
My website:
and my blog:

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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Rob Sato

Rob Sato is originally from Sacramento but now calls Echo Park is home. He showed at the Giant Robot Biennale 2 in 2009 and will show again in the Biennale part 3 in 2012. A long time supporter of Giant Robot, the fast witted Sato has an interesting sense of humor and a distinctive laugh. His art speaks of his hard work and attention to detail. You can see his work on the cover of Giant Robot 62, and we do carry some of his other handiworks at Giant Robot.



But there’s more. Sato isn’t a great self promoter, but he does stock a number of his prints which are available at his site.

There are also further selections at:

“The Choice Cut Cult”, the occult sushi menu print for sale at NUCLEUS GALLERY
“Land Admiral Lefebvre’s Fleet…” (below) print from TRAPEZE EDITIONS


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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis is a cartoonist and illustrator who’s work has appeared in Fantagraphics compilations, graphic novels for kids, and at art exhibitions. Her work is the type of work that you can see, be puzzled by, and then come to enjoy. We’ve hosted in her numerous exhibitions, and her pieces in the Robots exhibition are monochromatic portraits of Robot people.



Below is this beautiful print with girls and horses! It’s available here. Davis has two websites where you can see his works. Doing-fine and her blog is here.

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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Kelly Tunstall

Bay area artist, Kelly Tunstall is a long time Giant Robot supporter and submitted a great and large piece for the Robots exhibition called Beethoven. It’s still available. She attended California College of the Arts and continues to show often.




She currently has an exhibition at 111 Minna Gallery called Secret State is now available online. The exhibition is set to travel to Palm Springs later this year.
facebook page and twitter page.

Her collaboration work with Ferris Plock can be seen here:

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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Ryan Jacob Smith

Ryan Jacob Smith has a painting style that’s developed into work that’s recognizable as his. He’s an Art Center graduate who now resides in Portland and is learning the art of tattooing. He’s recently tattooed a lemon as practice.


His art piece below My CPU’s a Neronet Processor: A Learning Computer.
This piece is available here.


Always a supporter of GR, Smith will be releasing some new prints and t-shirts for the holidays. Ryan Jacob Smith prints. Meanwhile take a look at more of his work here:

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Japan Exoskeleton Robot That Gives You Strength

It’s called Hal? Imagine the horror if these had a mind of their own. Gladly there’s no Skynet that they’re connected to, right? Japan is to build robots to help in disasters. They’ll be three types including: exoskeleton outfits that give more strength, assuming that stamina shouldn’t be a problem although it’s power source is what? Underwater rescue which can aid but that needs to be deployed quickly, and rubble moving in case of another earthquake happens. It’s five years out and perhaps it’ll really happen. Most of these don’t get past the prototype stage.


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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Jesse Fillingham


Giant Robot 2 is always proud to host Jesse Fillingham. Alongside Jeni Yang, we exhibited Fillingham at Giant Robot 2 in 2011. Here’s some images. Below is the piece from Robots which was happily sold.



When’s he not doing his own work, he teams up with his artist friend, James Chong and together they are Never Press. We hosted that at CineFamily as part of a Sion Sono screening. Take a look at their goods! Fillingham will also be exhibiting at MOHS in Denmark.





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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist – Andrice Arp

Photos by Joshin Yamada. Chris Cilla, Reklaw, Dylan Williams, Tim Goodyear, and Andrice Arp at the Stumptown Comics Festival in 2007.

That’s Andrice Arp at bottom right with our friend and late Dylan Williams at her left. Arp is an indie comics publisher and illustrator. She’s quietly appeared in numerous Giant Robot exhibitions and demands little, but always produces something fun and interesting. She paints meticulously and has a character style that’s all her own. Some of you will recognize her work from the website. That illustration is below. Recognize her work now?



Her piece in GR2′s Robots exhibition, Robot Kitten sold, however we do stock issues of Mome at the low price of $8 where she contributes her comic work. Arp sells a variety of her work both handcrafted, printed, and painted on etsy as well. This is her page.

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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist – APAK

Aaron and Ayumi are an artist duo known as APAK who hail from of the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Their art is whimsical and natural that reminds us of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. They created a world from their artwork and it’s ever expanding along their theme. Both real and friendly, the couple have shown their work nearly everywhere.



Their piece for Robots is stunning and it’s called Diamond Vehicle. It’s below! Take a look at the specs at the Giant Robot site.



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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Jake Gillespie

Jake Gillespie has shown in group shows at Giant Robot in SF three times and has always supported Giant Robot. A transplant from the midwest, he lived in Oakland and now is back to the midwest. he’ll be teaching painting classes at Indiana University. Without the demeanor of a Bobby Knight, Gillespie also makes art videos which can be seen at his YouTube site.
The painted he contributed to Robots is above. The man depicted as a Transformer with grey face and all is award winner author Philip Roth. It’s called Almost Beyond Communication Range and echoes that time period of the animated robots in the 80s. It’s available here.

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Toys? Figures? Karakuri is the Real Next Level

I’ve heard the perils and desperation of making a figure. Artists want to make them, business kids want to profit by making them. The crazy fans who want them at any cost. Lie, bring your maid to buy you an extra, hire someone to act like a customer, or mule it. How about a back story? Yes, make one up and get that “street lineage”. You worked with who? You know who? The sculptor is who? The factory will remain a secret. Your cost per item will also remain a secret! It’s a toy. But the next level and maybe this is the furthest level. Karakuri. Watch the video below by Al Jazeera. The craftmanship of these automata are amazing, and the things they do require physics, engineering, and more. These are beyond figures and toys. Prepare to have your mind blown.



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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Justin Scrappers Morrison

Justin Scrappers Morrison is a gentleman. He lived in Portland and touched many lives with his positive-vibed, mountain man attitude. When there’s police breaking up a Comic Con bonfire party, Scrappers acted like the ultra naive and honest with a huge dollop of smart-ass mixed in. Scrappers has traded in his Pacific Northwest forest life for palm trees and shave ice. He’s now living in Maui.

For the GR2 Robots exhibition, he pulled off something unique. A robot made from parts that he found on the beaches of Maui. A vintage oil can, really? You can see the art page here.



His new venture is a blog called the Department of Awesome, which is fitting. Although it’s about projects that he’s dreaming up, a company that he wishes existed, and includes a lure for an artist residency in his home, it’ll surely form into something unique and fun. That’s the Scrappers way. He did say the blog site is really all about Shave Ice! Scrappers is a man at peace with himself. I think.


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Giant Robot Time Friday October 7, 2011

GR Time


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Artist Jing Wei

Jing Wei lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and her works echo hand made while at the same time, captures interesting compositions and colors. She has an entry into the Giant Robot 2 Robots exhibition that’s untitled and in an edition of 4 below. We have the artists proof (AP) Take a look at it’s specs here.

It’s great seeing Jing Wei’s works in it’s final output like below. There’s more to see at her own site: then see even more in her shop. Her original works are three color wood block prints!

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Grant Reynolds – Three Cyborg Kittens

Three Cyborg Kittens is a piece by Grant Reynolds that’s at Giant Robot 2 – Robots. Reynolds lives in the world of indie comics and art, and is a supporter of Giant Robot.

Grant Reynolds is working on a horror comic called Peeled and Deveined. You can see his sketchbook updates, drawings, and more at


Reynolds has this T-shirt for baby brand, Muck available. Here’s how he made it. Take a look at the process of making a shirt.

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Check out Evah Fan Art

Evah Fan’s (pictured at right with kozy from kozyndan) work was on the walls of GR2 as a solo show called Bacon Powder in 2006, she’s since grown in her art, and now lives overseas in Sweden with her husband and artist Brendan Monroe. Fan’s piece pictured below, Smooth Criminal Dance Tryout is part of GR2 Art show: Robots.


She has a cute print called Goob available at her etsy page.

And you can see another at Tiny Showcase.

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Giant Robot 2 Art Exhibition – Robots Now Online

Robots Art exhibition now online for your perusal. This art exhibition is a benefit for GR2. Thanks much for the support.


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