9-Man Chinatown’s Streetball Panel and Doc

Ever heard of this sport? Super bad ass and filled with pride. Amazing. It’s another Rucker Park in the making or maybe it’s already made. Watch the doc trailer. Also check out this longer article about it. (latitudenews – 9-Man)


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Strange Plot Twists in Football Player, Manti Te’o Dedications

Amazing story that appears to be lies on top of lies, a football player meets a woman online, somehow she becomes his girlfriend, but it’s either a hoax, or it’s something he made up. Manti Te’o will be in the NFL sooner than later. (Deadspin – Manti Te’o)

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Japan Back in World Baseball Classic

Japan to play WBC. It was unfortunately about money. The MLB got 33% of the revenue while the two time Champions, Japan got only 13% of the ad revenue.

“Japan’s professional baseball announced Tuesday it has decided to set up a new business structure that would bring in ¥4 billion ($51.1 million) in four years.” (WSJ – WBC)


Asian American Medalists

We’re not sure if this is all of the Asian American winners at the London Olympics, but in the end it’s a smaller list than what one would expect. (Asianfortunenews – Asian American Medalists)

Nathan Adrian in swimming. Did you ever heard of this guy? 2 Golds and a Silver in swimming.

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Liu Xiang Has Bad Olympics and Now Controversy

The greatest hurdler of all time, Liu Xiang who has had two bad outing at the last two Olympics is in the midst of controversy. He’s the Asian speedster and like Yao Ming, a national hero in China. According to the South China Morning Post, he was told that his injury was serious at London. He ran, hit the first hurdle and limped to the finish line. Was he injured the entire time, but kept it secret for his endorsements? That’s what the paper implies. The government issued a gag order to the media and he did his thing in front of the world’s eye and broke people’s hearts. This sounds like a piece of sensational news, but who knows. It was reported. When healthy, he’s still world class. (ABC – Liu Xiang)


Kobe Visits China

Kobe Visits China where he’s a huge star. Seventh Summer in a row! (LA Times – Kobe in China)

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South Korea Complains of Bad Olympics Judging

South Korea complains about the failures. Shouldn’t more countries do this? South Korea ended in fifth place in the medal count, and was definitely robbed in other events along with many others. (AFB – Olympics bad judging)

Remember Shin A-Lam below?

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Park Jong-woo is Denied Medal for His Political Gesture

After medaling with his team, Park Jong-woo displayed a sign that proclaimed a disputed island belonged to South Korea. Fine message, wrong place. Olympics aren’t for that, if it were, killing and terrorism might as well be a sport too. (WSJ – Park Jong-woo)


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Soccer Japan vs Korea Friday

Maybe we’re adding more attention to something people want to forget about, but let’s face it, Korea vs Japan in anything, means more than just two teams playing a match. More than baseball which is saying lot, more than basketball which neither has much of a stake in, soccer is the largest arena of sports. Hopefully, the match happens, the best team wins without controversy, and they trade jerseys. Yes, ethnicity plays a role here. (Bleacher Report – Soccer)

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Isn’t Boxing Over Yet?

Just click the link, watch the video and see who wins. Granted, the match was overturned, but it’s obvious, boxing is just over. After Satoshi Shimizu knocked down Azerbaijan’s Magomed Abdulhamidov repeatedly, not one was called a knockdown. (Deadspin – Satoshi Shimizu)

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8 Asian Female Badminton Players DQ’d from Olympics

Dumb asses. Tried to throw a match to improve their next round draw, and poof, you’re on a flight home.



The Ichiro Effect

The Ichiro Effect is now gone from Seattle, a west coast location that’s not as far from Japan and New York City. Tourism will be affected as people will now perhaps defect to New York for visits. But even that will be less. Seattle is a much simpler place to visit. “Japan sends more tourists to Seattle than any other country, according to U.S. Commerce department officials, the newspaper notes. In 2011 alone, 64,000 Japanese tourists visited the region.” (USA Today – Ichiro Effect)

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Shohei Otani Throws 99 mph Pitch in High School Game


Shohei Otani throws 99mph in a high school game. Scouts, get over there. Now. The kid has a nice motion and is throwing fire.


Jeremy Lin Press Conference with the Rockets

In base you can’t access it from the image, here’s the link.


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Japan Team Threatens to Boycott WBC

Japan, the last two winners of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is threatening to boycott the tournament. Why? Because the revenue generated by MBL is kept mostly by the organization and it’s players. Japan receives 13% while the MLB and it’s players gets 2/3. The revenue was 18 million. 13% then divided by it’s players… leaves a significant chunk but not enough. (WSJ – Baseball)

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Jeremy Lin Wins Espys – Best Breakthrough Athlete

Jeremy Lin, the Asian American athlete of the year for sure, wins an ESPY award. Best Breakthrough Athlete. Of course he did! While there can’t be enough awards especially from an Asian American standpoint, it’s time for him to get playing again.



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Ed Wang Signed by The Raiders

The first Chinese American in the NFL is Ed Wang and he’s now a Raider. He’s an offensive lineman at 6’5″ 321 pounds. He was a fifth round draft choice who was injured last season and hopefully will get some playing time. His parents are from China! (Yahoo – Ed Wang)

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Equestrian, 70 Qualifies for the Olympics

An athlete age 70 qualifies for the Olympics. Yes Hiroshi Hoketsu will be 71 if he decides to compete in London. If he does, he’ll be the second oldest ever and the oldest in the modern era. The previous was a Swedish shooter who at 72 won a silver medal in 1920. You might not hear about his story among the crazy NBA hype, but this is quite extraordinary and he looks great on a horse. We hope he competes and has a great time. (NY Daily News – Hiroshi Hoketsu)


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Who’s the Best Asian American Athlete?


They asked the question, Who’s the Best Asian American Athlete? Of course the in studio team at TMZ didn’t know and went straight to the Asian players. Yao Ming? Ichiro Suzuki? Manny Pacquiao? Kristi Yamaguchi? They didn’t acknowledge until later that Pacman wasn’t American. They didn’t mention it at all with Yao Ming or Ichiro Suzuki. Tiger Woods got the nay because he’s half. So who is it? The funniest thing is they asked Hapa Anton Apolo Ohno, and by their standards, he doesn’t qualify. By the TMZ standards the person needs to be active as well. So who is it?


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China’s Field of Dreams: Developing Baseball


The Field of Dreams may not happen in a corn field. This dream could happen in a rice paddy. Yes, this is a better first sentence than the Time Magazine article about baseball taking root in China. No knock on the article, it’s pointing out how baseball is so much smaller, and actually was erased from society by Mao although basketball stayed and thrived. Many of the players are just starting out and stepping onto a baseball field sponsored by the MLB, is the first time they’re picking up “the Rock”. From Time: “The Changzhou development center, which opened in September, is MLB’s second training school in China aiming to produce players who might one day have a shot at the Majors, or more realistically, China’s national baseball league.” (Time – Baseball)

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