The Walking Dead of Tokyo

Infection has begun! 150 of them is a “healthy start”.

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Fetal Cell Phone Charms

I’ve always suspected that the reason why the iPhone gets outsold in Asia is its inability to allow the user to decorate it with cell phone charms. I’m pretty sure I’m right. Cell phone charms are BIG business. A Tokyo 3D printing company has joined the decades long trend for a niche market – pregnant ladies.

Their primary product is a personalized 3D printed model of your  baby in utero. You can go old school and get a 2D grainy, black and white scan of your spawn and try to guess which body part is which. You can even upgrade to a 4D ulstrasound and get clearer images and video of your lumpy baby, OR for $1,200 you can go all the way and get this resin model based on your 4D ultrasound, that is shaped like your pregnant gut. It’s great for carrying in your purse to show off to friends and family, and also doubles as a paperweight! And don’t forget about your cell phone – the company throws in a free miniature cell phone charm version so you can show everyone what your not-yet-born baby looks like without having to carry your resin model around with you all the time.

The company is diversifying their product line. In addition to the resin models, and the bonus cell charms, they will also be offering 3D models of just the mushy face of your baby. Baby faces sort of fall into all-rook-same status at this point in fetal development, but I imagine there’s a growing market for this, and not just in tech-wacky Japan.


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Zaha Hadid Japan New National Stadium!

Zaha Hadid to design the New National Stadium in Japan! The design is above. Zaha Hadid is known for crazy lines, interesting shapes, and a space age feel. This will be an exciting project. Is this to set up for a possible Olympics? (Huffington Post – Zaha Hadid)

Daniel Wu visited a mobile container designed by Hadid in a previous post. (Giant Robot – Hadid)

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Robot Restaurant: Girls and Robots

It’s obviously ftw. Japanese bikini clad Girls and Robots mixed in a cabaret setting in a Tokyo restaurant and guess what, there’s more. They fight! This doesn’t seem like the best entertainment, but it has to be worth a view. At $40 you also get dinner in the form of a bento box! Yes, we need video don’t we? See below! (Reuters – Robot Restaurant)



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Nuclear Reactor Turned On Despite Protest in Japan

Despite the protest effort of so many, the first reactor goes online. Nothing the masses can do about it at this time, but the public in Japan have spoken and their voices were heard. Great work, peoples, it’s fairly new ground. (Boston – Japan Reactor)

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Anti Nuclear Japan Protest

Our reporter was on scene! Photos by Nao Harada.

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Yoshitomo Nara No Nukes in Tokyo

Shot by our friend Nao Harada

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Protest by MANY Japanese – 200,000 People?

Some say it’s 17,000 and some 200,000. But it’s a huge turnout and a strong voice against restarting the reactors. Some nice photos at Asahi news. ( – Protest)

Some aerial footage:


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281 Antinuke Bombs Noda

I was wandering around Shibuya the other night and ran across a construction divider plastered with stickers of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. The stickers gradually sprung up shortly after the 1 year anniversary of the 3.11 nuclear disaster. These and many others are the work of a designer/underground artist cryptically named “281 AntiNuke” targeting Tepco Photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert documented some of 281′s handy work throughout the city along with a photograph of what appears to be 281 himself standing beside one of his stickers. I can’t find any other information on this artistic crusader otherwise.

So far, I haven’t seen these two photos uploaded online. One is a an Obama Hope poster parody with the President’s visage replaced by a collage of nuclear trefoils. The other is another of Noda as a ventriloquist dummy with the tagline “Follow the Follower.”

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40,000 Protest Against Nuclear Restart in Tokyo

Some say 20, some say 40,000 people are protesting in Tokyo over the restart of the nuclear plants. (Bangkok Post -Japan protest) Strangely, it’s hardly in Japanese news.




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Tokyo and Angola Most Expensive Cities

The most expensive place to live? Tokyo and… surprise, Angola. Osaka is third on a list according to a consulting company. Yes, and search Angola in Google. Among the first 10 images aside from maps is the woman below. In Angola, an apartment can set you back 6,000. We’re not sure what the average is, but it’s a surprising name to hear about. London is #25.

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The Tokyo Penguin: Bittersweet Captured


It’s bittersweet since the penguin looks healthy after two months of freedom in a crowded Tokyo Bay. Sometimes, the stupidest thing like a penguin thriving against the odds and not needed any human help is a great story in itself. Now, the Tokyo Aquarium has a new feature and it cost them nothing. Yeah that’s the business thinking in gear already. (CNN – Tokyo Penguin)

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Tonki – Tonkatsu Shop in The Japan Times

Tonki restaurant was founded 73 years ago and while surfing just a bit, I ran into an article about this and then found a post from the past. I’ve been to the shop, and it’s an amazing place. (Japantimes – Tonki) Here’s a post from 2010 on a visit there. It just happens that it’s located near the station and it’s just a cool place. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s worth the visit. There is something special about the wood counters, seating, and it’s cleanliness for a place that’s cooking in oil. It feels great and clean and they’ll also give you as much cabbage as you handle – sometimes it’s the underdog item. (GR – Tonki)


Here’s a video of the shop


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Tokyo Sky Tree Opens


That’s the Tokyo Sky Tree. It’s a huge structure that exists just to have it exist. A tourist trap, a monument or a testament, it’s huge and open. It’s 634-meter (2,080-foot) and will get featured in films and more. The Tokyo Tower as much as any huge monument made appearances in films including one of it’s name sake. (Huffington Post – Sky Tree)


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Zoo Break – Tokyo Penguin

The lost penguin who escaped from the Tokyo Sea Life Park has been found after two months of freedom. The penguin appears to be healthy and energetic. It’s amazing that a single bird can elude captors everywhere. (Huffington Post – Penguin)

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Eww, Too Cute: EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Airbus Fleet

Taiwan-based EVA Air and toymaker Sanrio have joined paws and sent an adorable  fleet of three Hello Kitty-themed Airbus 330-300s to do battle against their many competitors in the short-route airline wars in East Asia, flying routes between cities such as Taipei, Fukuoka, Tokyo (Narita), Sapporo, Incheon, Hong Kong and Guam.  EVA spokespersons were quick, however,  to quell rumors that pilots of these aircraft would be dressed as Pikachu. (BuzzFeed ~ Thank You for Choosing Hello Kitty Airlines)

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Otomo Katsuhiro’s Genga Art Exhibit

While production for the fan maligned live-action Akira adaptation may have screeched to a halt as of January 5, 2012, Otomo Katsuhiro–the original creator for the manga and anime–is ever busy with an upcoming art exhibit at the 3331 Chiyoda Arts Centre in Tokyo, Japan, showcased between April 9th to March 30th, 2012. The Genga Exhibition, as it is called, already has a catalogue available for pre-order on

So far, unpublished art for Kaba 2 will be showcased alongside pieces from his other work.

In addition to that, a special discussion will occur live on UStream between Katsuhiro-san, Blood: The Last Vampire‘s Katsuya Terada, and Perfect Blue‘s Hisashi Higuchi on April 9th, 8 p.m. Japan local time.

Guests are required to purchase their tickets in advance at Lawson’s convenience stores for admittance at a designated time. What’s better is that this is an opportunity to geek out for a good cause. Thirty percent of ticket proceeds go towards helping victims of the 3/11 Earthquake.

Nothing’s set in stone, but I’ll definitely try to make it out there sometime in April or May and report further on the exhibit.

Tickets are on sale 1500円 for adults, 800円 for students, and 500円 for junior high school students. For more information, visit 3331 Chiyoda Arts homepage or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021
TEL:+81(0)3-6803-2441 / FAX:+81(0)3-6803-2442 / E-MAIL:[email protected]

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50 Reasons Tokyo is #1 According to CNNgo

Why Tokyo is #1? Interesting that CNN would go out and just say this even if it’s just “CNNgo” but it’s saying a lot from a news organization that is supposed to be… a news organization. We can agree Tokyo might be #1 among many great places, but it’s almost child like to say this! (CNN – Tokyo #1)

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Jesus Christ Runs a Japanese Marathon along with Tons of Cosplayers

Jesus Christ is in the news again, this time in Japan. The Tokyo Marathon is supposedly a fast course where world records can be broken but on the other end it looks like a good time for many. (Sankaku Complex – Tokyo Marathoners)

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Tokyo Genso

Post-apoclyptic landscapes are the cliches Japanese scifi is made from. But never before have we seen it this gorgeously rendered.

His username is “Tokyo Genso” and–according to his profile– he works on “animation and games”. You can view the artist’s blog here and more of his artwork in this series on his deviant art page.

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