Luke Rook Looking Good

Awesome looking pieces and sculptures. The Riders are cool. You get two figures in one and who puts a cone as a nose. Yes, Luke Rook can. (Giant Robot Store)

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GR2: Luke Rook is Grody Reception Photos

[nggallery id=gr2-luke-rook-reception]

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Chinese Factory Workers Who Make Toys

Photographer Michael Wolf shot these in 2006. (photomichaelwolf – Toy Story)

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Thailand’s Batcat Museum: 50,000 pieces

It’s an amazing 50,000 toys that appear to be somewhat randomly placed in cases. 39 year old, Somchay Nitimongkolchai purchased a large amount on eBay. The price to get in is about $1.95. (CNN – Toys)

Here’s a video that takes you on a visual tour of the museum



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Strange Senior Toilet Tools – Robohelper

We suppose this will come in handy for most of us one day. It’s a bidet system that’ll work while you sleep. A search turned up no video, but here are a few photos. Leave it to the clever inventors at MUSCLE Corp who figured this contraption out. It’s called a Robohelper and although it doesn’t look robotic, it may help caregivers everywhere… or will it? (NYDailynews)

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Le Merde and Kiyoka Ikeda’s Misty Fog’s Combat Rock Preview Images

You may know Kiyoka Ikeda from Gargamel and you know Mike Kelly (Le Merde) together they’re combining forces to create a new body of work. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

The color ways are amazing.


Moai in the middle has to be a nod to Tokyo’s Moai at Shibuya station (Easter Island), Sphinx and the pyramids. I dig this kind of thinking.

Coasters! Following up on his last set of coasters, here’s a preview of the new upcoming set.

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Giant Robot Biennale 3 Customs

Photos by Dean Gojobori


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Power Babo – In Stock at Giant Robot!

Get your 2012 Comic Con special! It’s Power Babo!


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Giant Robot Biennale 3 Remix Project: Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert – Cosmond and Thang-Thang. Great colors and look.

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Good Luck Trolls Are Back!

Oh I remember these!  Good Luck Trolls of course.  Did you have a collection?  I did.  I miss the early 90′s.  Good Luck Trolls are back in their very own mini blind box.  So many hair and color combinations you could get.  Maybe you’ll be lucky and get the rarest one.  You can buy them here!

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Uglydoll Buddies!

UBrand new Uglydoll buddies!   Now you’re not the only one who can hug your favorite Uglydoll. The classic characters are back, holding a mini Uglydoll friend.  Two for one,  marsupial style  Who knew!?  Get a pair today!


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Giant Robot X Peter Kato at SDCC Specials

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Chang Deqing Dolls

Chang Deqing dolls. We’re not sure why this one gets singled out by this paper in a world filled with dolls and figures, but it’s getting traction among fashionistas. Perhaps it’s his use of fabrics and being from a place that’s lesser known for figures and toys – China. He’s sort of a new Michael Lau in a way, blending urban wear and a design that’s also reflective of urban themes (regardless of their bad fashion). For you toy fans… Edition of 20! (China Daily – Chang Deqing)

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GR Interview: Jim A of Toy Boarders


GR: Did you grow up with Army Men?

Jim A:  Yeah I grew up with army men. As a kid I set them all up then I’d get rocks and destroy the battlefield. The ones the dog chewed up were the injured soldiers.

GR: Explain how you came up with the idea of skateboarders in the Classic Army Men style?

Jim A: I saw what was already out there & I thought how cool it would be to make them based off of the old school toy soldiers that I grew up with. Keep them simple & cheap, but they had to look cool & realistic. I saw other things out there and they were sort of corny. They didn’t look realistic – the characters had mohawks & the moves looked awkward.

GR: Are you a sculptor and or skateboarder? Are the original sculpts that tiny?

Jim A: I am a graphic designer & an old school skateboarder, my son AJ he skates all the time. He helped me design the final designs  & got me up to date on the moves that they should be doing. Hence I named ‘em after my son AJ – AJ’s Original Toy Boarders. The original sculpts are just a tad larger than the final product – this way you can get a little more detailed.

GR: Was this easy to get done from your idea to complete product?

Jim A: No it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t familiar with the process of making moulds , but I had a friend teach me the process. Also we wanted to get each skater to balance on his board so that they would stand upright. There was always some tweaking involved so that we could maintain the style –yet keep them balanced.

GR: How did you pick their poses out of an almost an infinite amount of things that a skater does!

Jim A: We originally had more designs for the first series. We found out that some were not possible with a 2 part mould. Also like mentioned before we wanted them all to be able to pose upright on their board so kick flips and certain moves just weren’t gonna work.

GR: Are the boarders any particular rider?

Jim A: No, no boarder in particular, just based off of my son & his friends that skate. We wanted them to have style so we based their clothing off of what kids are wearing today. Within the skateboard culture there are all sorts of styles so we wanted to cover a wide range.

GR: What’s next?

Jim A: Series II Skate is DONE & in the Mould Process as we speak !!  We are really stoked on this series –in it there is a Girl, we had lots of demands for a girl skater. Also we put a filmer in there – you know the friend that is following behind the rider with the death lens.

Series 1 Snowboard is currently being designed & after that we will design series 1 surf. We plan on having all of these by the end of the year. We also have some more ideas –but you will have to stay tuned for those ones.



Just stocked! Uglydoll Classic and New Merchandise.

  Uglydolls have been replenished at the Giant Robot online store!  What are they you ask?  Well, we’ve got classic plushes, ceramic mugs, ceramic banks, eco-bags and t-shirts.  If you need an Uglydoll fix, Giant Robot is the place!  Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

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Giant Robot Podcast: Luke Rook the Apprentice Toy Maker

Luke Rook has always been a friend to Giant Robot. He began his recent career in toys by opening Lulubell Toy Bodega in Arizona and soon moved to Japan where his career turned. From being a “toy buyer” he’s now a toy maker. In this podcast, Luke Rook explains some of the mysteries of the Japanese toy making scene. In a matter of a few years after moving, he’s unlocked the “system” of striking up vinyl figures from serious mom and pops factories. One of the greatest facets of Luke is his sheer honesty and frankness which is shaping a new sub genre of “kaiju”. He still calls himself an apprentice, but that’ll change soon enough. Here’s a link to the podcast.




Sucklord at Designer Con Los Angeles

Some photos from Designer Con. Yes, Sucklord was there holding court and doing some interview show. He’s on Bravo TV’s show Work of Art. Photos include Yoskay Yamamoto, a skimpy outfit, and a nice huge painting that we wish were ours. (photos by Dean Gojobori)


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Giant Robot Rare Find: Uglycon Prints

Dean Gojobori an Uglydoll Fan and part of the Ugly Nation holds a rare Uglydoll print – UMA City Uglydoll print. These are signed and numbered. They’re rare Uglycon items from the past. Super Rare items at Giant Robot.


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Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Buff Monster

We’ve known Buff Monster for years and have happily witnessed his rise of local street art wheat paster to now an internationally known artist. We proudly hosted his art show The Monster Within in 2010, and you can see the photos here.

Just on friday, he released his Cat Plush that you see below. The eyes are pink which is his trademark color. You can easily see this edition of 200 pieces on his own website.

We have our own plush by Buff Monster also at the $18 rate that was made in edition of 200. You can see it below and get it here among a few other Buff Monster goods.

The video below is from Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Factory in Brooklyn. There’s a few customs still available.

Buff Monster and Jeremyville from Tara McPherson on Vimeo.

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Toys? Figures? Karakuri is the Real Next Level

I’ve heard the perils and desperation of making a figure. Artists want to make them, business kids want to profit by making them. The crazy fans who want them at any cost. Lie, bring your maid to buy you an extra, hire someone to act like a customer, or mule it. How about a back story? Yes, make one up and get that “street lineage”. You worked with who? You know who? The sculptor is who? The factory will remain a secret. Your cost per item will also remain a secret! It’s a toy. But the next level and maybe this is the furthest level. Karakuri. Watch the video below by Al Jazeera. The craftmanship of these automata are amazing, and the things they do require physics, engineering, and more. These are beyond figures and toys. Prepare to have your mind blown.



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