Giant Robot Video: Ako Castuera

It’s a flashback video from a bit ago, but it holds up.

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GR2: Video – Theo Ellsworth Exhibition

Video by DJ Tony Jr

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SDCC13 Video

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Toysrevil: Strange Symbiosis


Thanks much to Toysrevil for stringing together these images.

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10 Second – MOBI MOVI – Open Call! Due April 25th


Calling out to video artists for 10 second mobile movies
to be projected in the penthouse level of LoftSEVEN
in conjunction with the downtown rooftop performance of

featuring Sarah Elgart Kevin Kerslake + special guests
[an intimate evening with the WILCO lead guitarist and friends]


Media and video artists are invited to send videos for a one-night showing of video projections in conjunction with the special performance of Nels Cline + Urban Air “Elevated.”

Selected video footage will be projected onto the walls of LoftSEVEN’s penthouse. The aim is to create an interface connecting viewers and artists, integrating the visual arts and the cityscape. The theme should loosely relate to the “Elevated” performance which will commence on the rooftop during the highlight of the evening. In general, there are no restrictions concerning the theme.

ELIGIBILITY: Any author can participate with a maximum of 3 videos of 10 seconds each. Videos submitted must belong to the category of video art. Innovative and experimental work is encouraged. They should have been created in the last two years, come in as a single-channel version and be copyright controlled by the artist.

CURATED BY: Eric Nakamura + Kio Griffith

EVENT DATE. April 28, 2013 6pm-11pm.

All submissions should include:

• Artist name
• Title of video
• statement (optional)
• contact information

ARTWORK. Videos should be submitted by file transfer to [email protected] The length of videos must be edited to 10 seconds. Resolution should be set to HD and at a minimum of 720px preferred. Works can be submitted as video only.

A short biography of the artist is welcomed as well as a brief description of the submitted video also to [email protected] Please attach 3 still images of the work in jpg with a resolution of not less than 800x600px.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE. Entries must be received by April 25, 2013 . Submissions that arrive after the deadline will not be included. Please do not send files larger than 50MB.

The participant’s submission for entry automatically agrees with the terms of the present call. It also certifies that the entrant is the legal owner of the work.

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GR2: Facial Recognition Exhibition Video


video by Tony Sugano

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Thrash Lab X Giant Robot Profiles Video : Edwin Ushiro



It was fun shooting Edwin Ushiro who is equally entertaining. His interview reveals that his recent work is about small regrets from his past. From Elementary, middle and high school in Hawaii. He makes it perfect in his art. The interview took place at his home studio in Culver City.

Thanks to Thrash Lab for this fourth video of the six. Thanks to Goh Nakamura for the music, Anthony Batt for the vision, Ashton Kutcher for the channel and tripod, Thrash Lab staff for the Post, Tony Sugano for the extra hand and Edwin for the interview.


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Thrash Lab X GR Schedule Changes

Edwin Ushiro 54/8

David Horvath 4/22

Shizu Saldamando 5/6

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GR2: Seasonal Changes Video


Video by DJ Tony Jr. Thanks much again.

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GR2: Game Night 13 Video

DJ Tony Jr, is a guest at GR2 shows, and he’s been shooting video using his point and shoot. He also composes music and he dropped a beat that fits this piece just right.



Thrash Lab Profiles x Giant Robot Artist Series Videos

We’re partnering up with Thrash Lab and set up a series of Artist Profiles.

Thrash lab link.

They’ll appear at 9:30am PT – First one is tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 5th – Rob Sato

Tuesday, March 12th – Luke Chueh

Tuesday March 26th – Sean Chao

Tuesday, April 2nd – Edwin Ushiro

Tuesday, April 9th – David Horvath

Tuesday, April 16th – Shizu Saldamando

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Top Five for January 2013

Top Five from January 2013

1 Oshogatsu Osecchi – January 1st, the best day of the year. It’s when our family gets together and hangs out all day. It starts early and proceeds throughout the day. It’s a pretty food fest and it’s like every holiday put together into one. Photos

2 Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler‘s Talk at GR2. January 5th. We’ll have to try and do more of these. Hosting a retro talk about a beloved band was simple to put on, but fun to hear. Seeing the fans and friend line up to meet Adam afterwards was even better.


3 LA Times Calendar Section front page article. January 17th. An honor to be featured on the first column on the front page of the Calendar Section of the LA Times with such a long and bright article. Thanks to writer Deborah Vankin. (Link to Article)


4 JANM ends. Yes, it was that time. Jan 20th, 2013, the day the GR Biennale 3 ended. It’s hard to summarize an exhibition that lasted 4 months, but it’s all about thank your to all who helped, participated, JANM, and anyone who visited or even peered online.

5 Shooting video again. Back to messing around with production. I’ll show you later. Thanks to my old bud, Anthony Batt.

(Thanks Martin for the idea!)

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Takashi Murakami on CNN Video Interview

Takashi Murakami is having an exhibition in Hong Kong at the Gagosian until Feb 9th. link to the article and video

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Giant Squid Filmed in the Wild

What a tease! It gets announced today, yet there’s no video to show you and they also report that it happened in July 2012. The photo is a screen grab which looks great. Japan’s National Science Museum claimed that the 3 meter specimen was filmed 900 meters deep near Japan. Larger version are said to be 13 meters. Where’s the video? Sushi jokes? ( – Giant Squid)

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Origin of Keep Calm and Carry On

In case you’ve wondered where the slogan came from… (Keep Calm and Carry On) this video will explain it all.



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Ai Weiwei Gangnam Style

Yes, he had to do it.


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Mondo Kim’s Fate

Years ago, Mondo Kim’s was the premier alternative video store. New, old, rare, and even zines (they carried Giant Robot for years), they were the epicenter of NYC and possibly the entire nation. They were one of the best. They have since closed down like many video stores and their collection is now sort of a mystery. Giant Robot NY was just around the corner and up a couple of blocks.

In the Village Voice, is an awesome and long article about Mondo Kim’s video collection. Imagine Yongman Kim’s 55,000 piece of video in all form that needed to find a home. In 2009, the NY Times reported that the collection was going to Italy. The collection is now shrouded in mystery. It’s important, yet also either not utilized much or just non-existant. Why is it there where there seems to be no audience? This article sort of chronicles the collection in it’s present form in true crime style. (Villagevoice – Mondo Kim’s) Thanks to DDK for the link.

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One Million Hit Points: Seniors Play Wii Bowling and More

The Wii bowling segment on this new show, One Million Hit Points is rad. Touching to see seniors seriously play Wii bowling. This is just a pilot and it’s fun. Yes, I’m in this too.


Here’s the Youtube link.





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Giant Robot Biennale Video

Here’s a video to tell you about the exhibition. I’m glad I didn’t ramble too much. It’s nicely done and it’ll show in the theater during the duration of the exhibition. Thanks to the crew at JANM who worked on this and make plans to come Saturday 6-10pm on September 22 at JANM.


Here’s the link to the video.


That’s Rob Sato below!


Luke Chueh Signing + Talk Video


Luke Chueh speaks, shows slides, and answers questions for nearly an hour at Giant Robot on Sunday June 24th, 2012. You might have to turn the volume up to hear. The live stream was set up last minute!



Video streaming by Ustream

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