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GR2 June 2 – June 27th, 2012 Game Over – Video Game Culture Art Exhibition




Game Over

Video Game Culture Art Exhibition

June 2 -  June 27, 2012
Opening reception Saturday June 2th 2012, 6:30-10pm

GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 310 445 9276

Giant Robot 2 (GR2) presents: Game Over

Video Game Culture Art Exhibition

Artists include:

Aaron Brown, Albert Reyes, Alex Chiu, Ana Serrano, Andrice Arp, Aska Iida, Bradford Lynn, Brian Luong, Bryan Wong, Bubi Au Yeung, Cam Floyd, Carlos Donjuan, Christopher Chan, Cory Schmitz, David Horvath, Devin McGrath, Elizabeth Ito, Elliot Brown, Eric Broers, Erin Althea, Gabe Gonzales, Gary Musgrave, Grant Reynolds, Heidi Woan, James Chong, James Kochalka, Jarrett Quon, Jay Horinouchi, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah La Torre, Jeremy Tinder, Jeremyville, Jeromy Velasco, Jesse Balmer, Jesse Fillingham, Jesse LeDoux, Jesse Moynihan, Jesse Reklaw, Jesse Tise, Jiyoung Moon, John Lau, Kerry Horvath, Kevin Luong, Kio Griffith, Kwanchai Moriya, Lawrence Yang, Linda Kim, Louise Chen, Luke Chueh, Luke Rook, Maiko Kanno, Mare Odomo, Mari Inukai, Mark Ingram, Martin Hsu, Matt Furie, Meatbun, Miso, Nick Arciaga, Patrick Kyle, Peter Kato, Philip Koscak, Renee French, Sana Park, Sara Saedi, Sarah Lee, Sean Chao, Shawn Cheng, Shiho Nakaza, Shihori Nakayama, Sidney Pink, Silvio Porretta, Stasia Burrington, Stephanie Kubo, Theo Ellsworth, Tru Nguyen, Yejin Oh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yumi Sakugawa and more.

Also there will be playable indie games including the works of programmers Beau Blythe and Shelby Cinca who are creating a game with Sean Chao and Jeni Yang. It’ll be a welcome back to ArtxGames series.

Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994, but has evolved into a full-service pop culture provider with shops and galleries in Los Angeles as well as an online equivalent.


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The Watchmaker Video

Sometimes, simple videos like this are just fun to watch. Honestly, we could have used more info on what he’s doing. Are they wristwatches or just pocketwatches? What’s his vending situation like? But at a few minutes, it’s a beautiful piece.


The Watchmaker from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo.

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UFO Over Korea


UFO Over South Korea. The video has over 2 million hits. It looks like a flying hat. A person from NASA says it’s space junk? Don’t you have to be in space for that?


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GR2 Diversions Video – French

French at GR2. He recorded a video for us to talk about his favorite metal albums. Meanwhile check out his art at GR2


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Walk – Single


Here’s a new tune I wrote. Actually wrote it on a walk to the coffee shop one day, just speaking words into my phone as they came into my head… pretending like I was having a conversation with someone.

This song was sort of an experiment, I wanted to write it away from an instrument… starting with words. I usually sit around with a pen and paper, but I found that the left/right rhythm of feet against concrete gets my brain going. When I get to the coffee shop, I sit down with a cup of joe, jot stuff down. Then I walk home, humming revisions or new ideas.

I made this video yesterday, walking the same route as I did when I wrote the song in November. I tried walking my cat on a leash, but he wasn’t having it. There’s some footage of my friend’s home/studio in San Juan Bautista, where I recorded it. The video’s like a little commercial for the song, which you can purchase Here

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Crazy Videos Made in One Shot – No Post Production

These videos are amazing. I’m not quite sure what it’s for but it has something to do with Sony Play Station Move. It would be great if you could make films like this with the video game console. But no! Either way check out the video.



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Post It 3 Video from Years Ago…

I wish I knew what HD, using a Canon camera, etc. was. Also this was all done in iMovie…

So many artists came through… this one is tonite!



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Horse and the Dog Video

Sometimes there are videos that make me happy. The dog and the horse look like they’re best friends. Is it because they pay attention to each other in just the right ways and that’s good enough?


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Giant Robot Links: “Sixteen Ways”

Vivian Girls – Sixteen Ways from Gerry Maravilla on Vimeo.

Gerry Maravilla, An American filmmaker currently based in El Salvador, recently directed an produced an unofficial music video for the Vivian Girls featuring their song, “Sixteen Ways.” Some of his previous projects include Donna and Vision. Watch the video(s) and tell us what you think.

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Surviving the Tsunami PBS Nova video

Why did some survive and some not? This video explores that. It’s long form so relax and watch this one. It’s in a few parts.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

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In Korea “Narcs” with Cameras Help Law Enforcement

Imagine, you throw the napkin off of your ice cream cone and it flies away in the wind. You figure, “it’s ok, not that big of a deal, it’s just litter.” But Mr Kim is watching you through his viewfinder and taped the entire thing. He’s spying on you and with that evidence, he might make a few dollars and you’ll be busted. It’s amazing that in Korea, one can make money by filming people who are committing law breaking actions. Some might be a larger scale project, such as a business ripping people off, and that might take a hidden camera. It’s not easy to make a living just taping in Korea, but it’s possible. It’s also hard to believe that citizens who do investigative type of work can actually earn money. It makes sense, but it does put people in danger. (NY Times – Koreans Taping)

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The Obligatory Asians Big on YouTube article

It’s not new, but it’s still new, if you know what we mean by that. Asians on the screen? That’s still new to the majority of the US, it’s just not on their televisions. It’s online. Articles like this get syndicated and make their way everywhere, even to places that print papers. Kev Jumba, David Choi, Ryan Higa, Clara C, they’re all mentioned. Huge reach, and imagine there’s wave after wave under their million views and subscribers. The content is free to watch, and they’re getting the hits. (VOA – Asians Find Fame on You Tube)


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Video of Giant Robot at Comic Con from The Hundreds


The Hundreds brand continues to do new and fun things. Now it’s video! That’s me at Comic Con during Harry Kim’s signing for his Dirty Hands DVD.

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GR2 – Game Night Video Skull Girls


Video by our friends at Angry Bananas. Watch Angel get nervous!



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Giant Robot Artist Friends Series – Ayako Fujitani meets Ito Jakuchu


Ito Jakuchu was born in 1716 and died in 1800. So, he’s no longer with us. Yet, my contention is that if he were alive, he’d be a friend of ours. This video was shot, edited, and directed by myself. I also recorded the sound on a separate piece of equipment. This is the second Giant Robot – Artist Friends Series video. I hope I can keep this up. It’s a challenge and this is a fun way to approach art. And Yes catch this exhibition at the Bowers Museum in Orange County, CA. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Giant Robot Artist Friends Series – Ako Castuera


Here’s a short film about Ako Castuera. It’s part of a new video series I intend to pursue called, the Artist Friends Series. I shot, recorded, and edited this film, and got a great music contribution from Goh Nakamura and Tim Bulkley. I’ve known Ako for many years, and actually met her at her Art’s Crab Shack days in Oakland, CA in the mid-later 90s while she was enrolled at CCAC. She’s married to artist, Rob Sato and pursues work that involves nature, humans, and dinosaurs. Often using watercolors, she’s also a knitter and makes beautiful tapestry pieces, and that hat that’s resting on the back of the chair. She’s 1/3 of the Realms exhibition taking place this saturday at Giant Robot 2 in LA along with Elsa Mora and Yellena James. Some preview images are at


Giant Robot Magazine Co-founder

Giant Robot Magazine Co-founder

Posted by Eric on Feb 22, 2011

Eric Nakamura talks about huge companies that have put ads in his GR Magazine, and how he feels that this is an honor.