The GR interview with Prodip from Lazy Muthafucka


Kowloon-based guitarist Prodip Leung is in Lazy Muthafucka, a band that's huge all over Asia, and his artwork has been featured on just about every indie CD from Hong Kong as well as on limited­edition Bearbricks. It's not a bad life, and he's not a bad guy. Here's what he's got to say.

GR: Where did you grow up? What were some things that got you into music and art?
PL: Growing up in Hong Kong there's not too much for a kid to do for fun. I got into music because I always thought musicians looked real cool. Ha! I also enjoyed drawing ever since I was a kid, and that stayed with me. It was a lot more fun than studying.

GR: What is your art and design background?
PL: I worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for a few years. Then went on to design fashion graphics. I've also been involved in most of the underground/indie band covers and poster artwork for the past 10 years.

GR: Who are some artists that you are into?
PL: Ed "Big Daddy" Roth for his hand-painted artwork on those awesome cars. Barry McGee for his fresh approach to art. His use of colors to bring to life those otherwise ordinary characters.

GR: How did you get involved with designing Bearbricks?
PL: My friends work at Medicom, the makers of Bearbricks. I got involved when they needed some local artists to design some for the HK toy convention.

GR: Do you have different attitudes toward making visual art and music?
PL: Making music involves a group effort and is more complicated. There are usually deadlines and meetings and many different ideas. Art is an individual project.

GR: The LMF sound has become a little mellower and more complex since the beginning. Can you describe this growth?
PL: LMF has grown both musically and physically. I think some of us are not as angry as before and that shows in our music.

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