From 1988 to 1995, Adam Pfahler played drums for melodic punk gods Jawbreaker. Then he joined the legendary Situationist punk trio J Church. Now he's part of Whysall Lane, a pure indie rock group featuring Richard Baluyut from Versus, Mikel Delgado from Wussum Pow, and Jerry DiRienzo from Lotusland. We ate chips and salsa with Adam in Pomona before the Lane opened for his Jawbreaker bandmate Blake's new band, Jets to Brazil.

GR: How did you wind up in Whysall Lane?
AP: Jawbreaker used to play with Versus and I've known Richard since I went to New York for school. He went to NYU, too. When Richard moved out to San Francisco, I gave him my old apartment and we started playing again.

GR: I heard a live tape of Whysall Lane and it had a lot of mellow versions of Versus songs...
AP: I probably wasn't in it at that point. That was pre-me. I bring the thunder. That's my job.

GR: What is Whysall Lane named after?
AP: It's a street somewhere in Detroit where Richard grew up in. I think his parents still live there. He was doing Whysall Lane while Versus was happening, so there were some songs he brought in that we learned. As a band, we've started writing new songs and stuff. It's good. You might not hate it. We practice regularly, we have a space, and everyone's welcome to contribute.

GR: Does this mean Versus is over? Didn't they just tour?
AP: They kind of broke up, but they didn't. They said, "If something comes up and we're into it, we'll do it." Like they got invited by Albini to play All Tomorrow's Parties, and they said, "Yeah. Let's take the free trip over the pond."

GR: What would Richard be saying if he were in on this conversation?
AP: He's a smart guy. If you were interviewing him, he'd be bullshitting you now. He'll be lying to you and you can't tell. He's very poker-faced about everything. He's a good poker player. I'll tell you guys how it is. Anyone turns on a microphone, and I'm over-gregarious. I've been doing a lot of press for the Jawbreaker re-releases. It's really weird talking about show business this many years later, but those people at Hopper PR have got a lot of people calling me and doing interviews. I find myself repeating the same old lines.

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