May 29th - June 30 at GR2 Gallery

Opening Reception on Saturday May 29th 6:30-10pm

Ye Rin Mok

Born in South Korea, schooled in Irvine, and residing in Los Angeles, Ye Rin Mok takes photos for Anthem, Mass Appeal, Hamburger Eyes and other indie publications. Her show at GR2 will open on May 29.

GR: What do your photos mean?
YM: Through my photos I would like to convey awkwardness, uneasiness, and imperfection--silent moments that people try to avoid.

GR: How do you go about posing people?
YM: Sometimes I'm inconsiderate because I think of a person I'm photographing as an object or a prop in a setting.

GR: How does your art differ from your commercial work?
YM: It's hard to categorize one from the other, and I don't intend to at the moment.

GR: What's your process for finding places to photograph? Do you walk around and shoot?
YM: I would like to, but it's hard to just walk around in L.A. Sometimes I drive by an area, see something that catches my eyes, park, and shoot.

GR: What equipment do you use?
YM: All the photos in the show were taken with a Hasselblad 501CM with an 80mm lens.

GR: What do you think about digital photography?
YM: I don't think one needs to pick either digital or film. They're just tools people should choose to suit their needs.

GR: What do you look for in "successful" photographs?
YM: They tend to have more questions than answers. There's certain feeling I get.


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