Montreal, Chapter 2: Mutant Raccoons of Mount Royal.

Cray Cray Raccoon Whisperer AKA "RAY BZ"

Cray Cray Raccoon Whisperer AKA "RAY BZ"

Homeboy is Cray Cray.

“What the hell is goin’ on?” you might ask…  I’m not quite sure- but he and his family were feeding the raccoons.

After a long first day of getting into Montreal, my hosts Li Li and Jeff took me up to Mount Royal to check out the view.  We drove up, saw the beautiful lights of the city- but it was upstaged by the most random scene…  a family- two parents and a little girl, about 7 or 8? feeding a horde of Freakishly Large  Raccoons.  I was fearing that something really bad was about to happen, but fortunately it- never escalated… even when the mom was kicking some of the bigger raccoons out of the way so the babies could eat.

If you watch the video- you’ll see there’s like 30+ of ‘em swarming/begging for food like dogs.  Strangely, they were really gentle and seemed almost domesticated…very at ease around humans.  Maybe because they’re Canadian?  All the American Raccoons I’ve encountered are mean and aggressive.



  1. 07 October 11, 7:25am

    I hate to be a bummer because it’s a cool picture, but the tameness of these racoons is a real problem. People go to that lookout specifically to see the raccoons and they encourage them to come out by feeding them, even dumping bags of dog food on the ground. Currently, Les Amis de la Montagne estimate that the raccoon population is around 200 when the mountain has the size and resources to support around 100. In the winter, when suddenly it’s not so fun to come to the lookout, where are those extra 100 raccoons going to find food?

    Even crazier, when Les Amis de la Montagne put up signs about this, people tore them down.

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