Photo of many sticky notes with different art on them. Information about Post It Show 19 is written.

Post-it Show 19 (2023)

December 2, 2023: Preview 11:30am - 1pm - Art Sells at 2pm
Illustration of Hedorah, a gooey monster with 2 large red and yellow eyes and no other facial features. It stands on the side of the highway with a yellow car in its grasp.

Kaiju: Mega-Monster Art Exhibition

Live online 11/25 at 11am pt
Painting of a large orange planet, partially submerged in water with many fish swimming overhead against a blue starry sky.

Cry Cry Shine Shine - Yoskay Yamamoto

Art goes live 11/11 @ noon PT
Art show poster for Deep Forest, a woodland themed art exhibition at Giant Robot Store.

Deep Forest: A Woodland Themed Art Exhibition

Art goes live 11/04 @ 11 am pt
Show poster

GR2: 20 Year Anniversary - 8 x 8 Exhibition

Live 10/28 @ 12 noon pt

Artbound Giant Robot: Asian Popular Culture and Beyond Full Documentary