Black ink illustration with subtle orange accent coloring of a woman in a puffy dress, standing and holding a large staff with a burst of light at the end. Smoke trails around her and she stands in a brick archway with 2 ornate planters on each side, each growing large trees that join together.

Spaces in Between 2023 - Group Exhibition: Sean Chao, Po Yan Leung, Kelly Sux and Chellioh

Live 9/30 @ 12 noon pt
Painting on exposed wooden circle panel of a tan cartoon style girl with long blonde hair. She's curled up on the ground. Large butterfly wings on her back are snipped off, done by a nearby pair of large scissors.

Creatures of Flight: A Group Art Exhibition

Art goes live 9/16 @ 11 AM PT
Sofubi figure of a Japanese business man in a bright pink blazer with grey slacks. At his feet is a yellow tiger head, which can go over her own like a mascot head. It stands next to a painted box.

Sofvi & Boxes - Solo Exhibition by Yukinori Dehara

Live online 9/09 at 12 noon PT
Show poster for Yukinori Dehara's solo show, Sofvi & Boxes. A large photograph featuring many colorful sculptural works of strange characters includes the show title. Opposite of that is information regarding the dates and times.

Yukinori Dehara - Sofvi & Boxes Painting Workshop

Sunday 9/10/23 at 2pm or 4 pm
Art show flyer for Scenes from Nurture by Leo Frontini, featuring 2 snippets of painting on either side of the title. Each piece features a man, looking away from the viewer.

Scenes from Nurture - Solo Exhibiton by Leo Frontini

Art goes live 8/19 at noon pt

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