Live silkscreening. I’ll guess they’re called Lifework, since I saw it written around. They screen shirts while you wait, and it looks like fun. You can pick your color combos and they turn em out. This took place right outside the festival. People love free stuff and free shirts especially. Yeah, I guess I’d get one, if I didn’t have so many shirts already.

That’s Dan the dinosaur with popcorn and soda. Burp! 

Whoa there’s Dan on the car. I did one interview with Leonardo Nam in the car, we were pretending to drive. Yeah, but he can act. “Oh it looks like we just got here! Let’s go in!” I think it’s going to come out cute. He’s a great sport for a pretty up and coming dude. 

This is Leonardo Nam. Seen him in The Perfect Score, Tokyo Drift, or Vantage Point? Or how about Half-Life or American Pasttime?

That’s the line to get shirts. 
Harry Kim, readying himself for the interview. Lav mic up the shirt. Dirty Hands played last night and it plays again. It’s amazing. I intro’d the film once again, that’s LA and SD now. People who saw it are fortunate. 
That’s Karin Anna Cheung. She shot still for Ping Pong Playa and has some art in the film festival area. Ok but the guy with the mic on the right…
Domino Mutha Fucka! They were doing the Ice Cube with the Matrix coasters.