Comic-con Exclusives – Giant Robot Booth 1729 San Diego Comic Con

People always ask about our exclusives at the San Diego Comic Book Convention. Comic-Con! What are they? This year, it’s going to be:

1) KAMI ROBO toys – we’re the only ones to have them. These are the production line that’s not coming out for a while, so get them while you can. Check out the video below. You can get a couple and fight them. Of course, learning how might help, although you can just make it all up on the fly. They’re jointed everywhere, and articulate well.

Check out the site.

2) David Horvath Drawings original drawings. These are nice. We’ll have them in a portfolio. Ask to see them.

3) Souther Salazar print new 12.5 x 20 (no photo yet). Signing Friday and Saturday 4pm. We’ll also be carrying his zine, Monsters that Ate the Stars from Blue Q

4) James Jean signing Friday 2pm. We’ll be selling some of his special prints and he’ll be signing Giant Robot 54.

5) Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson Signing Saturday 2pm and Sunday 2pm. Signing their zines from Blue Q.