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FeFiFoFum! I think that’s from Jack and the Beanstock… but that’s what I think when I see this. The cyclops giant comes with a club. It’s so weird that these were from the 70s. Blue hair even on it’s chest. Where did it comes from? It’s made in Japan, but over all it’s just a strange item. $4! I’m digging these mid 70s banks made out of ceramic, and they’re made in Japan.

Glass cups with sailboats drifting by. $20 for the set of 8 including the caddy. I don’t know if I even like sailboats.

Antoni is the designer of these plates. His drawing looks like a Geoff McFetridge images don’t you think? It’s a plate that you hang on your wall, if you try to use it, it’s pretty useless since it’s heavy and small. $5.

Karate aftershave! I didn’t buy it, but it was $20 and in the box. Weird how a brand was named after a martial art. I wonder if someone would bust an aftershave called, “ground and pound” or MMA. This is how cool Karate was back in the day. Even Elvis did it.

That’s my new puzzle collection. Rubik’s, fakes, and some great puzzles. Some of this stuff, I’ve never seen before. I used to do the cube in about a minute. The triangle took even less time. $12 for the whole box of puzzles.