GR2: Game Night - Experimental - USC Games

Game Night Experimental USC Games

Saturday April 11, 2015 6-10pm

GR2: 2062 Sawtelle Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90025  4242.GO.ROBO

Join Giant Robot, Angrybananas, Destructoid, and USC Games for Ten Experimental games that'll be played throughout the evening. In a highly anticipated evening featuring some of the most innovative games using the latest technologies, we'll also feature a panel discussion with the developers moderated by Professor Richard Lemarchand. 

Bring your minds and be ready to expand! The event is free.

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  • Nancy Ukai Russell

    Eric, this is not for public display.
    But I’m not sure how to reach you.
    I covered your press conference at Oakland Museum for the International Examiner….and loved the exhibition, esp the original zines! Also read your fantastic piece on visiting Manzanar. And saw the thoughtful installation you made on your parents’ wartime experience at the OCMA GR exhibition. My daughter is in LA and goes to Sawtelle a lot and knows of course the GR store.
    I’m writing because I wonder if you know that 450 objects of Japanese American cultural heritage — crafts, personal items, paintings and shell art — are going on the auction block next Friday in NJ? These items were given to the original collector, Allen H. Eaton, around the time the camps were closing because he wanted to mount an exhibition of these arts he called “one of the most remarkable chapters in the long history of the human arts.” This in his 1952 book, Beauty behind barbed wire. with intro by Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Anyway, these things that were given to him for free – and which he wanted to exhibit (he died 10 years after the book was published) are now going to the highest bidder and will be dispersed and placed in private hands. Feel like you’d like to know so that’s why I’m writing…New FB page just up today. Japanese American History not for sale. But all the people running it are not even on FB. We need the millentials + !! Thanks for listening. Would like to share more links if you’re interested. best Nancy (Berkeley)

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