Game Night - Operator and Dodge Club Party

Game Night - Operator and Dodge Club Party 

Sat FEB 6th 7-10pm


The "interactive installation" that toured across North American art galleries, night clubs, and festivals can be enjoyed by anyone for the first time on Wii U or your mobile device with TWO new games!

Dodge Club Party on Wii U is a frantic multiplayer free-for-all in an impressively micro 16x16 pixel arena! Gather your friends and dodge the fireball together! Will you mischievously sabotage other players to be the last one standing? Or perhaps you can all work as a team for the highest score of the night! Once the fireball is loose, anything goes!

Operator is a training simulation for technicians specializing in operation of the Killigan Industries Extermination Satellite Console. Qualified candidates may make use of the provided telephone to contact our 24/7 customer support line.

Killigan Industries is a small team of game developers based out of Los Angeles. Travis and Peter both come from the world of traditional game development having worked at companies like Naughty Dog, Bungie, Activision, Blizzard and more. They've been collaborating on passion projects for over a decade.

Operator was featured as an Indiecade 2015 Official Digital Selection and will be on display at GDC 2016's alt.ctrl exhibit in San Francisco.

Dodge Club Pocket on the App Store and Google Play is a FREE companion game! Practice dodging the red hot fireball solo in 64 unique pixelated challenges! You'll even unlock presents such as new characters, exclusive wallpapers, and bonus music!

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