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Giant Robot Goods: 5.8.13 – Strange Symbiosis artwork now available online

SCOTT TOLLESON – NOSELLOTS PLUSHES Cute, devious, and argyle-clad plush monsters. SCOTT TOLLESON – BUTTON PARTY! Sets of five buttons featuring neat designs by artist Scott Tolleson. 5 MINUTE CANDLE Package includes four matchstick books of candles. FUNKO X NBA – POP! JEREMY LIN VINYL FIGURE The Linsanity continues. POKETO WALLETS – GARY BASEMAN Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman’s creations in wallet form. SHIPPON SELF-WATERING MINI PLANTERS Hang the little cat, monkey, or dog on a cup filled with water and watch the plant grow from its bag!

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Giant Robot Goods: 4.9.13 – Matt Furie & Mark Todd artwork now available

      * James Kochalka artwork will be available today at ~5pm pst CAROLYN SUSUKI — ASSORTED CARDS Carolyn Suzuki designs the cutest cards around. Show your loved ones you care and have good design sense. TAKASHI MURAKAMI — ASSORTED GOODS A new exhibition by Takashi Murakami will be opening in Los Angeles later this month!   TOKIDOKI — UNICORNO BLIND BOX The Unicornos were once 11 little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. COLOR INK BOOK — VOLUME 16 Color the drawings of your favorite contemporary artists. COMETBUS #54 IN CHINA WITH GREEN DAY 2 Aaron Cometbus, a roadie for Green Day in their early indie punk days, rejoins the band on the...

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Giant Robot Time: 11.30.12 – New Gama-Go goods, airplant terrariums, and more!

  ZONEPLEX BOARD GAME RELEASE PARTY + GAME NIGHT SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 6:30-10PM Giant Robot, Angry Bananas, Attractmode, Mysterian Games, and Meat Bun Presents: Zoneplex – a board game! Created by gamers, Shelby Cinca and Niklas Akerblad is a game that’s part of the new movement of analog board games which are back. Instead of the typical Monopoly, Risk, etc, a new generation of board games are emerging and Zoneplex is one of them. If analog gaming isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t despair. Also featured will be digital games created by the same developers. More info. Facebook event. PUPPET POWER HOUR JEROME LU READING & SIGNING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2-4PM Please join Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey at...

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