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Giant Robot Store: Kool Things by Nikki McClure

Daily Picks Here’s a few more Kool Things: Nikki McClure. Nikki McClure Calendar 2012. Every year like clockwork it comes out. The originals are paper cuts carefully created with sharp utensil on paper but flat with a single color, they look brilliant. It’s page after page of images that give you something to think about. In a month you get 12 ideas that’ll hopefully grow into great things. ($16) Mama, is it Summer Yet? There’s more than this one as well. Stories are the logical step especially with the text that often goes perfectly with the images. As McClure’s own child grows, so are the characters in her tales. (17.95) We also have other Nikki McClure books as well.   McClure Seal Poster. Nikki McClure also makes her...

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Giant Robot Store – Cute Japanese “Stuff” Solar Maneki Cat and Pencils!

Giant Robot Store products, new and in stock! Maneki Cat. ($21) will nod it’s head and arm wishing you constant luck and enjoyment. It’ll work by your desk, kitchen, nightstand as long as you have a little bit of light. It’s solar.     Mini Colored Pencils. ($4.50) From Japan where tiny items like this make life fun. Yes, it stays nice in a tiny tube. Less than two inches tall and will go well with a Moleskine sketchbook. You never know when inspiration will happen.   Cigarette Pencils. ($1.50 ea) Yes, these really do fool people! They’re the exact size of a smoke. We can’t tell you how many people pick this up thinking it’s something they can smoke, and then we can’t explain...

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